Tactics for Tight Times


To assist dairy farmers in southern Australia to confidently manage the current market and seasonal conditions and enhance their capacity to confront the challenges of the future. 

3 year plan focus

  • Enable up to 1,770 free Taking Stock events during 2016/17
  • Increase the capacity of service providers in business analysis and delivery of one-to-one services like Taking Stock;
  • Achieve change on participating farms in response to the current situation, through delivery of 1,000 feed budgets and other extension activities;
  • Determine the major issues identified by farmers in each region - to contribute to further needs-based responses, if required;
  • Provide information on government and support services available to farmers; 
  • Leverage participation in relevant Dairy Australia programs, including farm business management training (Financial Literacy), DairyBase and Feeding Pastures for Profit.