Market need/context

  • The trend towards larger farms and the consequent reliance on more employed labour highlights the continued focus on ensuring the industry has the right people with the right skills and motivation to maximise profitability and grow the industry.
  • Of significant importance are:
    • an industry wide workforce planning and action strategy
    • regional workforce development plans supported by appropriate capability development
    • the availability of suitable labour
    • mechanisms and support for effective transition of dairy farm businesses to the next generation/ ownership
    • the development of high level farm business management skills
    • establishment of a farm safety culture 

General approach/strategy

  • This program funds, and responds to the directives of, the Dairy Industry People Development Council (DIPDC)
  • The DIPDC has developed a draft strategy which will be tested and modified following extensive trials with representative pilot projects in regions.  Working parties of the DIPDC will be established to guide the initiatives and ensure a balanced approach is taken to the investment. Local steering committees will also be established at an operational level. These committees will scope each pilot to ensure that:
    • Project plans are structured and implemented in a coordinated manner,
    • Appropriate resource and support is available for each pilot, and,
    • The outcomes from pilots and modified strategy are integrated into standard practices which can then use to drive further workforce development in the region and industry
  • Research will also be undertaken into key aspects of the workforce planning and action process in order to inform and guide future project investment.