Dairy case studies

Dairy Australia's role is to help farmers adapt to a changing operating environment, and achieve a profitable, sustainable dairy industry. These case studies show you how different dairy farmers are achieving it...

Animal Welfare Case Studies

Animal Welfare Case Studies

Stories from the farm - taking care of cows and calves.

Charlie Maier

Fertility Case Studies

Farmer experiences managing herd fertility.

Dairy Australia Smart Phone Apps

Mastitis Case Studies

Countdown 2020 and mastitis management case studies.

Case Study - FertSmart

Pastures and Feeding Case Studies

Getting the most from crops and managing nutrition.

Case Study - Smarter Energy Use program

Environment and Resources Case Studies

Innovation and efficiency with farming practice and energy use on Australia's dairy farms.

Case Studies - Perrin Hicks

People and Skills Case Studies

From education and training to managing farm staff, stories from around the industry.

Case Study - Tactics for Tight Times

Business and Financials Case Studies

Working with farmers and industry to meet challenges and optimise business.

Case Study CRC

Genetics Case Studies

Dairy bioscience, industry initiatives and innovations in genetics from farmer experience.

DIAL - Case Study

Dairy Innovation Australia Limited (DIAL)

Promoting the discovery and delivery of innovative dairy products.