Current Dairy Australia projects

Videos of Dairy Australia project managersDairy Australia investment programs are guided by our strategic priorities. Under each program there are a range of projects, ie under Animal Performance, there are projects such as Improving Reproductive Performance.



Investment by strategic priority:

- Strategic priority 1 (59%)
- Strategic priority 2 (20%)
- Strategic priority 3 (18%)
- Supporting activity (3%)

Video - Dairy Australia project owners discuss
their projects
, and how they drive benefits
for farmers and industry. 


Strategic Priority 1 -
Profitable and Competitive Dairy Farms      


Strategic Priority 2 -
Protect and promote our industry    


Strategic Priority 3 -
Grow Capability & Skills    

 Farm Margin Improvement  Industry Promotion  Capability Development
 Alignment & Integration  Industry Promotion  Attracting & Retaining People
 Animal Performance  Sustainability Reporting  Extension & Change Management
 Feedbase & Animal Nutrition    
 Farm Business Management  Industry Protection  Workforce Planning & Co-ordination
 Resource Management  Australian Industry Support  Workforce Strategy, Planning & Action
   Industry Reputation Management  
 Manufacturing Margin Improvement    
 Manufacturing Margin Improvement    
 Market Support & Insights    
 International Market Support    
 Knowledge & Insights