International market support

Container ships at docks

Market need/context

The market need:

  • Consolidate industry wide policy trade policy positions in the interests of Australian dairy.
  • Proactively respond to current and potential technical issues
  • Reinforce the “Why Australia?” message with global customers.
  • Assist industry to understand the opportunities and challenges presented by increasingly complex global marketplace

Target audiences/stakeholders:

  • Australian dairy manufacturers and exporters.
  • Key customers in Japan, China, SE Asia and the Middle East.
  • DFAT, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

General approach/strategy

  • Focus resources on existing large markets or large emerging opportunities in Japan, China, SE Asia and the Middle East.
  • Trade Policy:  Provide detailed technical support to industry and government negotiators (and where requested taking lead role in presenting industry positions).
  • Maintain networks of like-minded industry groups both domestic and international who will pursue similar trade objectives /outcomes to in relevant trade forums.
  • Market Development Programs:  Co-ordinate market development initiatives in Australia and target countries. Review targets annually in consultation with export managers of Australian dairy companies and partner groups in target markets.
  • Trade support:  Help local exporters with management of technical barriers to trade and/or specific market requirements.
  • Analysis: Deliver strategic market insights and solutions through scanning for / understanding / communicating the effects of global policies and market developments that might impact on the Australian diary industry.