Advanced management technologies


  • Provide impartial information (e.g. defined benefits) and demonstration opportunities to enable dairy farmers and their service providers to assess and evaluate technologies
  • Develop decision support tools and other resources that are not dependent on proprietary data or information
  • R&D to inform development of guidelines and resources that support integration and effective use of technologies on-farm
  • Develop learning and training initiatives for farmers and service providers in technology management and integration
  • Mitigate constraints to adoption of automatic milking and improved route to market
  • Develop new knowledge on performance and best management of farm systems, and enable faster adoption of R&D outputs to regional needs

3 year plan focus

  • Develop proposal for AMS/AMR development, integration and technical support services prior to cessation of Future Dairy Phase 4
  • Involvement in development of pasture growth forecasting services and tools, in conjunction with TIA and CSIRO
  • Contribute to research proposal investigating use of virtual herding technology in pasture-based dairy systems (under Feedbase Project)
  • Continue to develop information resources and case studies, including economic assessments, for current and emerging technologies
  • Work with NCDE to embed technology-related training in their programs
  • Increase capacity in farm systems modelling
  • Integration of models and tools (DairyMod, APSIM) and encourage integration between devices and technology platforms
  • Model forage and feeding systems that deal with climate extremes and limited water availability