Marketing and communications to mums and kids


To positively shift Balanced Mums attitudes and perceptions around the dairy industry and its products, with a separate focus on milk, cheese and yoghurt.

3 year plan focus

  • Continue to deliver impactful campaign ‘It’s amazing what dairy can do ’using largely below the line channels.
  • Ongoing refinement of messaging that will drive people’s perception of dairy’s ‘irreplaceability’ and essentiality in the diet. Messages will connect with the strategic framework around our Legendairy product, people and practices.  
  • Develop broader group of ambassadors, advocates and influencers and leverage partnerships and channels across supporting audiences.
  • Continued delivery of schools engagement initiatives- Picasso Cows and Picasso Cows Makeover programs.
  • To maintain and update the Australian Curriculum linked resources on the Discover Dairy website to ensure teachers are finding credible and usable tools to bring dairy into the classroom.