Policy support for improving animal health and welfare


Protect industry reputation and sustainability by managing risks associated with animal health, biosecurity and animal welfare 

3 year plan focus

  • Develop evidence-based policy positions that promote the industry’s credibility for good Animal Welfare management and minimising adverse community reactions to reduce compliance and industry burden.
  • Enhance biosecurity measures on dairy farms and industry preparedness for emergency animal diseases.
  • Continued liaison with key stakeholder groups and opinion leaders to reinforce industry support activities in key policy areas.
  • Policy development and Regulatory support:  Includes assisting the farms to have practices that comply with National Standards:
    • Banning of tail docking, National Animal Welfare Standard for Cattle will legislate current Code of Practice.
    • Management of the phase-out of routine calving Induction.
    • Calf management and electronic vendor traceability to ensure calves are treated humanely all along the supply chain.