Market information and insights


To support industry profitability through the provision of high quality data and analysis which supports short and long term planning. 

3 year plan focus

  • Complete the rebuild of the domestic sales database and commence rollout and utilisation. Implement the Tableau Business Intelligence Tool and promote the new facility to dairy manufacturers.
  • Continued review of existing DA market publications to ensure value delivery while exploring the value of new tools and insights.
  • Rollout of the Pathways to Profitable Growth collaborative framework, particularly in relation to underpinning State Growth Plans.
  • Rollout and communication of the Economic Multipliers of the Australian dairy industry.
  • Undertake analysis on the effectiveness of risk management tools being utilised by the Australian dairy industry.
  • Refine the approach to the international market research program to acquire market insights for dairy exporters and to provide insights for the DA Trade / International Marketing programs.
  • Provision of evidence based information (for farmers, regulators, policy makers, potential investors and investment facilitators) to support the flow of sustainable capital into the Australian dairy industry.