Exports and trade

Australian milk production is well above the volume required for domestic consumption, meaning a large amount of produce is exported. Dairy Australia helps exporters develop and maintain access to overseas markets, thereby maximising potential returns to farmers.

latest export statistics

Latest Export Statistics

Dairy Australia’s “export summary” contains a monthly update on key Australian dairy exports. It...

World market prices

Butter, cheese, skim milk powder (SMP) and wholemilk powder (WMP) are major dairy commodities....

dairy export markets

Dairy export markets

Dairy Australia helps improve returns for farmers and the industry by delivering international...

dairy trade environment

Dairy trade environment

The dairy trade environment is constantly changing, with import restrictions, price support and...

trade liberalisation

Trade liberalisation

About the Chinese Free Trade Agreement and how our industry engages on trade advocacy issues.

Export Market Dairy Tariffs

Dairy Tariffs

A detailed list of export dairy market tariffs