Dairy Situation and Outlook

The Situation and Outlook report analyses current dairy industry conditions, and the outlook for key drivers that affect dairy operation and profits. An annual report is released mid-year, with updates in February and October.

Previous Dairy Situation and Outlook reports:

2017  February 2017 (4.1MB, PDF)
October 2016 (4.2 MB, PDF)

June 2016 (5MB, PDF)

February 2016 (4MB, PDF)
2015 October 2015 (4MB, PDF)
  June 2015 (2.5MB, PDF)
  February (3.2MB, PDF)
November (4MB, PDF)
  October (4MB, PDF)
  May (2.9MB PDF)
  February (2.4MB, PDF)

About the Dairy Situation and Outlook report

The report provides a clear, timely picture of what is happening in the Australian dairy industry and expectations for the future. It contains:

  • Industry overview
  • Australian market situation and outlook
  • International market situation and outlook
  • World supply
  • Farm sector overview
  • National Dairy Farmer survey results
  • Farm finances
  • Milk production outlook
  • Produced by Dairy Australia with support from industry organisations.