Cows Create Careers Farm Module

The Cows Create Careers Farm module is an innovative Dairy Australia and Regional Development program that is delivered across 23 dairying regions in Australia.

It introduces students to the Australian dairy industry and helps promote the many career opportunities on offer.

What is involved in the program?

  • Students look after two calves for a three week period.
  • Local dairy farmers and industry advocates visit the school to provide information on the dairy industry.
  • Students work in teams of 4-5 to complete assessment tasks.
  • Students and teachers attend a presentation and awards ceremony.
  • Program handbooks and guides for teachers and students are provided.
  • Media coverage of the project such as print media, radio and television.

Participation of schools in Australia

  • In 2016, 11,900 students from 238 schools participated in the program.
  • 508 dairy farmers and industry advocates volunteered their time to be part of the project .
  • The project has a retention rate of approximately 85% of schools each year .
  • Since its inception, 73,755 students have participated in the Cows Create Careers Farm module.
  • Cows Create Careers has grown from nine Gippsland schools in 2004 to over 238 schools across 23 dairy regions in 2016.

The project has been very successful and has grown significantly since its launch in 2004. The project is funded and managed by Dairy Australia and conducted by Jaydee Events Pty Ltd. For further information please email or phone 03 5659 4219.

Further information is available from Jaydee Events

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