Subtropical Dairy YDN

Representing young farmers in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, the Subtropical Dairy YDN was established to enhance the viability of the dairy industry by supporting its young people. Membership is made up of young farmers who are adapters and seekers of information.

With six regions across the two states, local coordinators work with their local young farmers to deliver social and training activities.

For more information visit or visit the Subtropical YDN Facebook page.

Regional Coordinator Contacts

Program Manager  Viv McCollum     0428 718 620
Far North Qld Joanna Srhoj
   0458 065695
Darling Downs  Belinda Haddow
   0400 003 638
South East Qld   Belinda Haddow     0423 003 638 
Sunshine Coast:   Viv McCollum
   0409 718 620
NSW Far North Coast  Katina Trout
   0427 916 650
NSW Mid North Coast  Heath Cook
   0477 047 960

YDNA Membership

Join the YDNA. Just fill out the online membership form
Join the YDNA, just fill in the online membership form