Dairy Australia Constitutional Review

Wednesday 06 March 2013 | From Dairy Australia

At the Dairy Australia AGM in November 2012, Board Chair Max Roberts announced an independent Review of the Dairy Australia Constitution.

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The deadline for submissions has been extended until 17 May 2013.

The Constitutional Review will focus on the processes around Dairy Australia’s operational governance, to ensure that Dairy Australia continues to have processes in place that meet the current and future needs of the Australian dairy industry.

An invitation will be extended to dairy-related groups and all individual levy payers to make submissions to the Review Panel. The Review Panel will deliver a report on its findings to the Dairy Australia Board of Directors later this year, with any proposed changes to the Constitution to be presented to the industry at the November 2013 AGM.

All submissions and the final report will be public documents.

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The Constitutional Review Panel

The Review will be conducted by an independent four-member Review Panel, consisting of:

Mr Allan Burgess (Review Panel Chair)

Allan is a dairy farmer and past president of Australian Dairy Farmers Limited (ADF).

Mr John Lawrenson

John is current Chairman of Apple and Pear Australia Limited and previously Managing Director of the Australian Wheat Board and a Director of Bonlac Supply Company.

Mr John Doyle

John is a former Director of Dairy Australia and was part of the original team that developed the current Constitution. He was the Acting Managing Director of Australian Dairy Corporation in 2002/03.

Mr Ross Joblin

Ross is Dairy Australia’s Company Secretary and Group Manager Business Operations.