Top dairy breeders recognised

Wednesday 13 March 2013 | From Dairy Australia

Australia’s top dairy breeders have been recognised at an awards night, held this week (4th March 2013 at Bendigo) to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the first publication of Australian Breeding Values (ABVs). 

The Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme (ADHIS) presented awards in two categories: the top herds for different dairy breeds, based on their Australian Profit Ranking and bull breeding excellence awards.

In presenting the awards, Michelle Axford, from ADHIS paid tribute to these dairy farmers for their careful breeding choices over a long period.

 “Genetic improvement takes time and focus. The farmers receiving these awards have made outstanding genetic progress in their herds. Those who received bull breeding excellence awards have had a significant influence on the genetics of Australian dairy herds. It is important that we recognise these achievements which have involved sustained attention over many years,” Michelle said.

Recipients of the ABV Excellence Award for Top Herds:

  • Number 1 Holstein herd for Australian Profit Ranking 2012: Stewart and Nita McRae , Nambrok, Vic
  • Number 2 Holstein herd for Australian Profit Ranking 2012: Bill and Brian Anderson, Kongwak, Vic

  • Number 3 Holstein herd for Australian Profit Ranking 2012: Bryan and Jo Dickson, Terang, Vic
  • Number 1 Jersey herd for Australian Profit Ranking 2012: Daryl and Lani Hoey, Katunga, Vic
  • Number 2 Jersey herd for Australian Profit Ranking 2012: Con Glennen & Co, Terang, Vic
  • Number 1 Australian Red Breed herd for Australian Profit Ranking 2012: Jan Raleigh, Timboon, Vic
  • Equal Number 1 Ayrshire herd for Australian Profit Ranking 2012: NGW Farms Pty Ltd, Cobram, Vic
  • Equal Number 1 Ayrshire herd for Australian Profit Ranking 2012: Rob and Lynne McCartney, Tatura, Vic

  • Number 1 Illawarra herd for Australian Profit Ranking 2012:  Jim and Glenda Carson, Irrewillipe, Vic
  • Number 1 Guernsey herd for Australian Profit Ranking 2012: Keywyn Farms, Angaston, SA
  • Number 1 Brown Swiss Herd for Australian Profit Ranking 2012: Kevin and Jenny Fiechtner, Clifton, Qld


Recipients of the Australian Bull Breeding Excellence Awards:

  • Holstein 1980's: Robin and Lowis White, Luccombe Holsteins, Finley, NSW
  • Holstein 1980's: Mr & Mrs Rathjen, Glenjoy Holsteins Springton, SA
  • Holstein 1980's: Murray Sowter, Murribrook Holsteins Moss Vale, NSW
  • Holstein 1980's and 1990's: Faye Bail and Ken Main Kenron Holsteins Cohuna, Vic
  • Holstein 1990's: Ray Kennedy, Strathaire Holsteins Cobains, Vic
  • Holstein 1990's and 2000’s: Roger and Helen Perrett, Hill Valley Holsteins Kongwak, Vic
  • Holstein 1990's: Adrian and Cheryl Dee, Clydevale Holsteins Cohuna, Vic
  • Holstein 2000's: Robert and Lynette Johnston, Glomar Holsteins Bundalaguah, Vic
  • Holstein 2000's: Croft and Lambalk, Topspeed Holsteins, Port Campbell, Vic
  • Jersey 1980's: Greg Bryce, Green Pines Jerseys Nullawarre, Vic
  • Jersey 1980's: Gordon and Robyn Gilmour, Ganbeer Jerseys Waaia, Vic
  • Jersey 1990's: David Mathew, Claydon Park Jerseys, Milton, NSW
  • Jersey 1990's: Robert and Kerrie Anderson,  Kings Ville Jerseys, Drouin West, Vic
  • Jersey 2000's: Rohan and Graeme Sprunt, Kaarmona Jerseys, Kaarimba, Vic
  • Jersey 2000's: Daryl and Lani Hoey, Beulah Jerseys, Katunga, Vic
  • Australian Red Breed: John Williams, Bosgowan, Meningie, SA
  • Illawarra: John Savage, Venvale, Cambooya, Qld
  • Ayrshire: Max and Jenny Hyland, Rockvale, Shepparton East, Vic
  • Guernsey: Dallas and Juliet Clark, Michael and Paula Grey, Kookaburra, Wallalong, NSW

  • Brown Swiss: Bill, Judy and Ben Govett, Tandara Brown Swiss,Tandara, Vic


ADHIS is an initiative of Australian Dairy Farmers’ that receives the majority of its funding from Dairy Australia through the Dairy Services Levy.

For more information contact Michelle Axford at ADHIS ph (03) 8621-4240 or email