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Review and register for Dairy NSW's current programs. Get practical, actionable training, tools and consultation on topics that matter to your dairy farm business.

Dairy NSW Programs 

Programs listed by our five strategic priorities:

  • Animal Health and Well-being
  • Feedbase and Animal Nutrition
  • People and Workforce Capability
  • Land, Water and Carbon
  • Farm Business Management

Learn more about the Dairy NSW strategy and priorities.

  • Copy Link Animal Health Wellbeing Programs

    Animal Health and Well-being Programs

    Cups On, Cups Off

    This three-session program covers:

    Milking processes, mastitis prevention and control plus practical training in best practice milk harvesting, detection and treatment of clinical mastitis.

    Register: Registration opens soon

    Euthanase Livestock

    This one day program covers:

    How to safely, effectively and humanely euthanise livestock. Helps meet the high expectations of industry and community, work within the animal welfare laws and ensure best welfare for animals.

    Register: Registration opens soon

    Healthy Hooves

    The program covers:

    Hoof management, lameness prevention and practical strategies for improving hoof health. Available on demand for discussion groups and groups of farmers.

    Register: Registration opens soon

    Lameness scoring, prevention and treatment information available from Healthy Hooves.

    In Charge Fertility

    This program covers:

    Developing a farm business fertility management plan and improve your herd's fertility over time. Includes joining times, semen selection, dry cow and springer management, calf rearing and more.

    Register for this program: Registration opens soon

    Herd fertility downloads, webinars, reports and more available from Dairy Australia - Herd fertility resources.

    Rearing Healthy Calves

    This program covers:

    How-to's of successful calf rearing. Includes calving, ensuring cows calve successfully, calf rearing and growing dairy heifers.

    Register for this program: Registration opens soon

    Heifers on Target

    This program covers:

    Maximising the potential of heifers entering the milking herd. Includes practical tips and industry tools to regularly monitor heifer performance. Delivered on-farm by a specialised veterinarian to groups of farmers.

    Register for this program:

     Heifers on Target - Cowra

    Heifers on Target online calculators and growth guide available from Dairy Australia - Heifers on Target.

    Transition Cow Management

    This program covers:

    Developing a structured transition cow management nutrition program to help increase milk production and returns per cow.

    Register for this program: Registration opens soon

    Advice, booklets and checklists on transition cow management available from Dairy Australia- Transition cow management.

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    Feedbase and Animal Nutrition

    Feeding Pastures for Profit

    This program covers:

    Helping improve your profit with use of more home grown pasture and efficient use of supplements.

    Register for this program: This program is closed for 2017/18

    Detailed course outline available from Dairy Australia - Feeding Pastures for Profit

    Feedbase Challenge

    The program covers:

    Boosting the quantity of home grown feed in your cows diet, the major profit driver in pasture based dairy systems. 

    Register for this program: This program is closed for 2017/18

    Nutrition Fundamentals

    Register for this program: Registration opens soon

    Nutrition management for farm productivity and herd health available from Dairy Australia - Nutrition.

    Top Fodder

    Register for this program: Registration opens soon

    Tips available from Dairy Australia - Buying fodder.

  • Copy Link People Workforce Capability

    People and Workforce Capability

    Young Dairy Network

    The NSW Young Dairy Network  supports leadership opportunities and builds social networks for young dairy farmers.

    Outcomes include:

    Increased networking opportunities and awareness of opportunities currently available to young farmers.

    Generate more interest in further training and boost skills and confidence.

    Engaging and co-ordinating opportunities for personal and professional development.

    Register for this program 

    More information available from Young Dairy Network - NSW.

    Cows Create Careers

    Program for secondary students to care for dairy calves and learn about the dairy industry. Promoting career and education opportunities.

    Register for this program: Registration opens soon

    More information available from Dairy Australia - Dairy Education and Careers.

    Industrial Relations Essentials

    Register for this program: Registration opens soon

    ESKi People Management

    This program includes:

    A series of workshops and online webinars around leave, entitlements, terminations and legalities to help set your employment processes up right.

    Register for this program:

    March 2018 registration form

    April 2018 registration form

    Download your starter kit from The People in Dairy - ESKi.

    Farm Safety Starter Kit

    This program includes:

    On-farm open days for farmers to see the latest safety tools and resources available.

    Register for this program 

    Download the Farm Safety Starter Kit from Dairy Australia - Farm Safety.

    Discussion Groups

    Register for this program: Registration opens soon

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    Land, Water & Carbon

    Cool Cows

    Register for this program: Registration opens soon

    Tools, information and resources on managing heat stress in cows available at Cool Cows.


    Register for this program:

    Fert$mart NMP & Effluent Workshop - Wagga

    More information about the program, further training, advisors from Fert$mart.

  • Copy Link Farm Business Management


    Farm Business Management

    Taking Stock

    One-to-one support for dairy farmers with experienced dairy advisors helping you prepare for the season ahead.

    Register for this program: Registration opens soon

    Farmer interviews, videos and details about the program available from Tactics for Tight Times.

    Farm Business Management Fundamentals

    This two to three session program focuses on farm financial management, and covers:

    Annual farm financial numbers, budgeting, compliance and farm finance systems.
    Includes training in Standard Chart of Accounts and Dairy Cash Management Planner tools.

    Register for this program:

    Farm Business Fundamentals Bega

    Farm Business Fundamentals Cowra

    Detailed course outline available from DairyBase.

    Dairy Farm Business Analysis

    This program covers:

    Training in DairyBase, understanding DairyBase reports and making this online tool work for you and your business.

    Register for this program:

    Taree Dairy Farm Business Analysis registration 

    Nowra Dairy Farm Business Analysis registration

    Bega Dairy Farm Business Analysis registration

    More DairyBase information available from Dairy Australia - Dairy Farm Business Analysis Fact Sheets.

    Farm Business Management Discussion Groups

    Register: Registration opens soon

    Good Business Governance

    Register for this program


Our Farm, Our Plan

Our Farm, Our Plan is a new program designed to equip farmers to clarify their long term goals, identify the actions needed and to manage uncertainty and risk.

Hay and grain reports

The hay and grain report is commissioned by Dairy Australia to provide an independent and timely assessment of hay and grain markets in each dairying region. The report is updated 40 weeks per year.

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