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Read our information on the applications for maize grain in diet.

Maize grain

Key points

  • Grains provide cows with starch for energy.
  • Maize grain is higher in energy density and starch content, and has a slower rate of rumen fermentation.
  • Maize may be useful as a complementary grain to wheat:
    • When grain is fed at high levels per cow per day;
    • When cows are freshly calved;
    • When cows are at increased risk of ruminal acidosis, and
    • In hot weather.
  • To optimise milk responses from maize grain, processing prior to feeding needs to carefully control particle size.

More information

Feeding maize grain to dairy cows (PDF, 496KB)

Explains how grains provide starch for energy and discusses possible applications for maize grain in dairy diets, and processing prior to feeding.

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