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Connecting Rural Skills - Dairy

Whole of farmer plan

The Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMID) is supported by the Rural Skills Connect Program (RSC) with a dedicated project coordinator.

Essentially, this means that all dairy industry employers and employees right across the GMID now have access to support when seeking off farm employment income, or exploration of new opportunities through training and qualification pathways.

The RSC program aims to:

  • benefit the whole industry by ensuring that these vital
    skills, expertise and local knowledge stays in the region,
    enabling a sustainable dairy industry in the GMID.
  • connect opportunities with current needs, with long
    term focus to build resilience against economic
    or environmental stress.
  • assist in creating a greater awareness
    of industry capability

Services on offer include:

  • Meeting on farm to identify skills, capability and experience with a view to match with
    skill gaps in the employment market
  • Identify support required to apply for jobs
  • Find the right training and educational opportunities
  • If appropriate, skills may be formally
    recognised to fast track job readiness

There is no cost to the service.

To find out more or make a referral, please contact the RSC Coordinator linda.kelly@murraydairy.com.au or call 0487 446 808.


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