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Dairy farms impacted by bushfires may need to temporarily relocate milking cows to an alternative farm where they can continue to be milked. This can be a short term emergency arrangement or a longer term business agreement.

Bega Cheese and Saputo Dairy Australia have agreed to facilitate cow parking arrangements between farms in fire-affected areas. Farmers with milking cows requiring relocation or farms able to offer cow parking for milking cows should contact these processing companies directly.

Cow parking carries a high risk of introducing mastitis bacteria and/or other animal diseases and should be avoided wherever possible. However during crisis situations it may be the only viable option to get cows milked.

Read this fact sheet with information on milk quality and animal health considerations associated with cow parking (including vaccinations and traceability requirements).

If you require assistance with cow parking or can offer this service, please contact:

Bega Cheese T: 02 6491 7787

Saputo Dairy Australia T: 03 9040 5000

Requests and offers for agistment of non-milking animals in Victoria should be directed to Victorian Farmers Federation T: 1300 882 833

For information on more support services for farmers affected by bushfires, please click here.


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