Webinar Program

The Dairy Manufacturing Webinar Program, now partnering with The University of Melbourne, offers Australian dairy manufacturers an innovative program of relevant topics and highly qualified presenters.

Over the past ten years, Dairy Australia has presented over 300 webinars, all of which have been designed to upskill Australian dairy manufacturers.
The webinars, together with their downloadable PDF’s, offer an exciting way to enhance knowledge. Additionally, webinar recordings can be viewed at a later date and utilised to train work groups.

Dairy manufacturers receive this invaluable training from Australian and international dairy experts, all professionals in their fields.
30 webinars are conducted annually. Typically, each webinar includes a 50-minute presentation followed by five to ten minutes of question time.

Webinar access is free for Australian dairy farmers.

2021/2022 Webinar season passes


12 month pass
(incl. GST)

6 month pass
(incl. GST)

Large companies (over 200 employees)



Medium companies (20-200 employees)



Individuals and Small companies (1-20 employees)



University students




Individual webinars can be accessed for $45. Webinar access is free for Australian dairy farmers.

Please email Jennifer Penfold to purchase a webinar season pass.

Purchase of a Webinar Season Pass entitles companies and individuals to the following:

  • Access to 30+ webinars per year.

  • Multiple logons for company staff attending webinars (plus multiple people can participate from logon point.

  • Single logon for individuals / small companies (multiple people can participate from one logon).

  • Technical support for participants.

  • PDF’s of presentations.

  • Opportunity to ask questions of world expert during the webinar.

  • Opportunity to liaise with and ask further questions of webinar presenter for one week post webinar.

  • Access to webinar recordings for 90 days post webinar.

  • Professional development opportunity for individuals and companies.

  • Opportunity to suggest new topics or dairy experts relevant to business needs.

NB. Changes may be made to this program due to unforeseen circumstances. To receive webinar invitations, please register your details with Jenny Penfold.


ebinar schedule, Semester 1 - 2022

Wed 2 Feb

10:00-11:00am AEDT

Raw milk quality parameters for finished product quality

Nicole Martin, Cornell University, USA 

Wed 9 Feb 

2:00-3:00pm AEDT

Dairy exporting opportunities to Indonesia and Vietnam

Bronwyn Duke, Dairy Australia

Wed 16 Feb

12:00-1:00pm AEDT

Improving product quality and safety by leveraging antimicrobial enzymes

Sam Alcaine, Cornell University, USA

Wed 23 Feb

10:00-11:00am AEDT

Cheddar – technical aspects of manufacture

Peter Dixon Vermont, USA 

Wed 2 March

2:00-3:00pm AEDT

Bio-technological modification of milk fat

Hilton Deeth, Emeritus Professor, University of Queensland

Wed 9 March

2:00-3:00pm AEDT 


Dairy Situation and Outlook, March 2022

Eliza Redfern, Dairy Australia


China export opportunities and market update,

Sarah Xu, Dairy Australia

Wed 16 March

2:00-3:00pm AEDT

The value of circular and sustainable packaging to your business 

Nerida Kelton and Ralph Moyle, Australian Institute of Packaging

Wed 23 March

2:00-3:00pm AEDT 

New influences on product to market thinking

Barry McGookin, FIAL, Australia

Wed 30 March 
2:00-3:00pm AEDT

Emerging bioactives in new dairy product development

David Everett, AgResearch, NZ


Wed. 6 April

2:00-3:00pm AEST

Milk Minerals Matter

Steve Flint and Alistair Carr, Massey University, NZ

Wed 13 April

3:00-4:00pm AEST

Hybrid dairy and plant protein product opportunities

Milena Corredig, Aarhus University, Denmark

Wed May 4

3:00-4:00pm AEST

Artisan cheese opportunities and challenges

Liz Whitley, UK

Wed. May 11

3:00-4:00pm AEST

Water, energy and CO2 in milk production and processing

Mike Lewis, Educator and Consultant, UK

 Thurs June 3

2:00-3:00pm AEST


Undertaking effective Root Cause Analysis 

Andrew Wilson, Dairy Food Safety Victoria

Wed June 8

3:00-4:00pm AEST

Optimising flow properties for milk and milk products

Seamus O’Mahony, UCC Cork, Ireland


Postponed to Semester 2, 2022


DairyRegTech - Progressing to a national approach   
Gabby Cook and Lauren Salvestro, Dairy Food Safety Victoria 

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