Facial Eczema pasture spore monitoring program

This program helps dairy farmers keep track of Facial Eczema danger levels and make an informed choice as to the Facial Eczema strategy for their own farm.

When local pasture spore counts are trending upwards of 20,000 spores/gram and weather conditions look favourable for sporulation, monitor your own farm's pasture spore counts week to week and implement Facial Eczema control and prevention strategies.

*NS denotes no sample has been taken.

Date Threshold Orbost paddock 1 Orbost paddock 2
29-Dec-2019 20000 NS NS
5-Jan-2020 20000 NS NS
12-Jan-2020 20000 0 0
19-Jan-2020 20000 NS NS
26-Jan-2020 20000 0 0
2-Feb-2020 20000 NS NS
9-Feb-2020 20000 NS NS
16-Feb-2020 20000 NS NS
23-Feb-2020 20000 0 0
1-Mar-2020 20000 0 0
8-Mar-2020 20000 NS NS
22-Mar-2020 20000 NS NS
29-Mar-2020 20000 NS NS
5-Apr-2020 20000 0 5000
12-Apr-2020 20000 NS NS
19-Apr-2020 20000 10000 0
26-Apr-2020 20000 NS NS
3-May-2020 20000 NS NS
10-May-2020 20000 NS NS
17-May-2020 20000 NS NS
24-May-2020 20000 NS NS

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