Our Farm, Our Plan

Our Farm, Our Plan is designed to help farmers identify long term goals, improve business performance and manage volatility. Our Farm, Our Plan was developed by Dairy Australia, with support from Gardiner Dairy Foundation and DairyNZ.

Developed for Australian dairy farmers, Our Farm, Our Plan will help them put their big ideas down on paper and get everyone on the farm on the same page.

Our Farm, Our Plan uses a simple ‘Now, Where, How, Review’ planning process and provides one-on-one support for farmers over two years to assist them to put their plan in place and into action.

Got your game plan? Set your farming and personal goals with Our Farm, Our Plan

There are four easy ways to get started with Our Farm, Our Plan:

  1. Register your interest for Our Farm, Our Plan program  
  2. Reach out to your regional team
  3. Call 1800 548 073 
  4. Self start by downloading the resources available below

Workshops and support

Group workshops are being delivered by our regional teams to take farmers through the Our Farm, Our Plan process. Follow up one-on-one support is provided over 24 months to participants. These workshops are ideal for discussion groups.

Available resources

Below are the key documents which can be downloaded to get started on the Our Farm, Our Plan program. Dairy farmers can take a self-assessment using the Farm Fitness Checklist, plan it out in three easy steps with the QuickPlan and commit and share with others the Plan on a Page. A free Our Farm, Our Plan folder can also be ordered online free of charge containing all three documents.

Farm Fitness Checklist

The Farm Fitness Checklist is a ‘self-assessment’ tool for farmers to measure where they are at now and to identify opportunities for improvement. Each section of the checklist will prompt thinking and discussion about different aspects of the farm business.


The QuickPlan uses a three-step process to take the ideas and plans in farmers' heads and develop a clear understanding of long term business and personal goals. It can be used by anyone and is used in Our Farm, Our Plan workshops, which are ideal for discussion groups.

Plan on a Page

The Plan on a Page allows farmers to agree on what’s important, share their plan and track their progress. The Plan on a Page enables farmers to be confident they have a shared vision and long term goals – both business and personal, can communicate their vision and plan with other people and refer back to their plan to track progress and be accountable.

Risk Register

The Risk Register is a simple tool to think about risks to your business and how you will manage them. Remember, it's about mitigating any downside and capturing any upside that a risk might bring. The Risk Register is used in workshops and provided with Our Farm, Our Plan folders for farmers to identify risks, prioritise those risks and document mitigations strategies.

Case studies

Have you got your game plan? Set your farming and personal goals with Our Farm, Our Plan.
Watch this video explaining the benefits of the Farm Fitness Checklist.
Watch this video on how to effectively use the QuickPlan workbook.

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