Corporate Governance

Dairy Australia was established in 2003 to act as the industry’s national services body. 

Dairy Australia constitution 

Dairy Australia was established in 2003 to act as the industry’s national services body. Dairy Australia’s constitution establishes the parameters within which the organisation can operate. Our role is to undertake collective investment on behalf of the industry in research, development, extension and industry services. The eight regional teams are funded by Dairy Australia to deliver services specific to each dairy region. 

The constitution does not allow Dairy Australia to act in the representation/advocacy area. This function is performed by Australian Dairy Farmers Limited, Australian Dairy Products Federation and their associated state dairy farmer organisations. Discover more in corporate governance documents below. 

As the industry services body, we operate within a legislative framework comprising: Dairy Produce Act 1986 (Cth), Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission Act 2012 (Cth). 


Dairy Australia is an unlisted public company limited by guarantee with two classes of members: 

  • Group A members: dairy farm businesses who pay the dairy services levy and elect to become members with voting rights on resolutions and director appointments at annual general meetings. 

  • Group B members: bodies that represent the Australian dairy industry, consisting of Australian Dairy Farmers and the Australian Dairy Products Federation. 


Dairy Australia is party to a Statutory Funding Contract (SFC) with the Commonwealth, with a 10–year term expiring in June 2031. Under the SFC, the Commonwealth agrees to pay dairy service levy funds collected from farmers to Dairy Australia, together with government matching payments in relation to eligible research, development and extension activities undertaken by Dairy Australia. It also determines the performance principles that Dairy Australia must meet. Discover more in corporate governance documents below. 

Commitment to good governance 

Dairy Australia’s Board is committed to high standards of governance that are fit for purpose for an organisation of Dairy Australia’s size, scale and complexity. The board has established a governance framework for managing the organisation including adopting relevant internal controls, risk management processes and corporate governance policies and practices that are appropriate for our business and designed to promote the responsible management and conduct of Dairy Australia. 

We have adopted the Australian Institute of Company Directors Not-for-Profit Governance Principles as an appropriate guide to governance practices suitable for our organisation. These principles are included in the corporate governance statement available in the documents below. 

Accountability and transparency 

The board is committed to accountability and transparency by providing information about Dairy Australia, its financial position and its performance to dairy farmers and other stakeholders enabling them to hold the board to account for its decisions. 

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