Corporate Governance Documents

Dairy Australia's corporate governance documents provide information on the framework, policies and legislation that govern how our organisation is regulated and operates to achieve our role and strategic objectives.

Governance framework

  • Constitution (2021)PDF498.2 KB
  • Code of Conduct (2022)PDF240.7 KB
  • Governance Statement (2023)PDF203.03 KB

Board governance

  • Board Charter (2024)PDF151.16 KB
  • Board Governance Policy (2022)PDF160.23 KB
  • Board Diversity Policy (2022)PDF172.7 KB
  • Board Skills Matrix (2024)PDF170.02 KB
  • Independence of Directors Policy (2022)PDF182.57 KB

Board committee charters

  • Audit Risk Management Committee Charter (2023)PDF109.71 KB
  • Board Selection Committee Charter (2024)PDF94.92 KB
  • People & Culture Committee Charter (2024)PDF100.44 KB

Applicable legislation and funding agreement

  • Dairy Product Act (1986)PDF1.2 MB
  • Dairy Produce (Dairy Service Levy Poll) Instrument 2016PDF1.21 MB
  • Dairy Australia Statutory Funding Agreement (2021-2031)PDF780.16 KB
  • Statutory Funding Agreement Performance Principles 2023PDF422.26 KB

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