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Consumer marketing during COVID-19 

Consumers have many questions at this time and we want to ensure they have access to reliable and factual information on dairy in relation to supply, safety and usage.

Dairy Australia has partnered with the ADF and ADPF on a print advertisement reassuring Australians that ‘Dairy is here for you’. The advertisement acknowledges the support Australian’s have provided farmers during challenging times, and reaffirms that Australian Dairy farmers and products are here to provide fresh, healthy and nutritious milk every day in these uncertain times.

The ad has been placed in National newspapers such as the Australian as well as high circulation regional newspapers from this week, and is being supported by social media and influencer engagement. A dedicated page on our consumer website has also been developed with FAQs and content related to COVID-19. For more information visit dairy.com.au/covid19.

With many schools now closed and children undertaking learning from home, we are distributing our free curriculum linked resources from Discover Dairy to teachers and parents via EDM and social channels. We are also developing new online activities and resources to entertain and educate children during this time.

The next steps will be to:

  • Realign our Health Professional communications to GPs and Dietitians to align with consumer messages, ensuring they have the facts to continue to recommend dairy
  • Profile farmers regarding the work they are doing to ensure dairy supply
  • Engage social media influencers to deliver dairy usage and health content relevant to the current context
  • Review the timings and impact of our broader marketing and communications, including the next phase of the Dairy Matters campaign