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Celebrating dairy: marketing approach

Dairy Australia's marketing approach aims to drive the value of dairy foods and the industry through positive promotion of dairy benefits via targeted marketing activities.

In 2019, some of our celebratory and value driven campaigns included World Milk Day, Healthy Bones Action Week, the Australian Grand Dairy Awards and the Ambassador Program.

World Milk Day

On 1 June 2020, Dairy Australia celebrates the 20th anniversary of World Milk Day with the creation of a video that celebrated the importance of dairy and our Australian dairy industry with the simple message of why ‘Milk Matters’.

The video called on dairy ambassadors, influencers and dairy farmers to tell us why milk matters to them to thank and celebrate the hard work of Australian dairy farmers. In addition, we launched the ‘Milk Bottle Challenge’ on social media encouraging people to kick trick shot between two milk bottle goal posts in support of Australian Dairy. Dairy Ambassadors, Jonathan Brown, Tom Hawkins and Rowan Marshall all took part in the challenge amongst dairy farmers, processors and other members of the dairy community.

Learn more about the World Milk Day 2019 campaign below.

Dairy is here for you

Dairy Australia has worked with a number of farmers and processors to develop a new campaign designed to show Australians that the dairy industry is ‘here for you’, and will continue to supply the fresh, nutritious dairy we all need during these unprecedented times.

Just as Australians have stuck by dairy farmers and regional communities over challenging periods, through bushfires and drought. During these uncertain times, we want to assure all Australians that dairy is here for you. Our farmers are working hard to supply the fresh, nutritious milk we all need.

Launching nationally across TV, digital and social, over 60 Australian dairy farming families, farm workers and processors were involved in creating this commercial. We encourage you to share the video posted to our @DairyAustralia Facebook and Instagram across your social channels and tag #DairyMatters.

Australian Grand Dairy Awards

In 2019, Dairy Australia celebrated its 20th year of the Australian Grand Dairy Awards (AGDA). An AGDA campaign was launched which focused on building trust for the industry and products, as well as celebrating the quality, taste and inspiring stories behind the winning products.

The campaign generated:

  • 289 media clips across radio, TV, metro and regional print, online and blogs with 10 articles
  • Over 23 minutes of on-air coverage
  • 4,485 votes and over 9,900 website visits through the People's Choice Awards.

Learn more about AGDA below.

Healthy Bones Action Week

To celebrate Healthy Bones Action Week, Dairy Australia created the Milk Barre – a one-of-a-kind rooftop ballet barre experience designed to highlight the three key steps to maintaining healthy bones.

We engaged influencers to drive attendance from the general public and campaign awareness, as well as attend the event on the day to share their experience on their social media channels.

The successful campaign results included:

  • 23 influencers attended the event with a combined online social media audience of over 1.3 million
  • 18 content stories on social media were posted in the lead-up to the event
  • 94 Instagram stories and eight posts were uploaded in the 24 hours following the event
  • Australian Dairy Instagram following grew by 500 per cent to 200 followers
  • Drove engagement on Australian Dairy Instagram page to 5.5 per cent, peaking with an influencer repost at 8.5 per cent.

Learn more about our Healthy Bones Action Week campaign below.

Ambassador Program

Dairy Australia works with influencers and ambassadors, like Matt Moran, across events, campaign participation, social media, and media opportunities to help raise the profile of dairy foods and the industry. 

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Matt Moran

Dairy Marketing Initiatives

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