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Building trust: marketing approach

Dairy Australia has identified a highly engaged socially conscious audience who are seeking more transparent information to help them to form positive opinions of dairy.

Dairy Australia's consumer marketing campaign activity aims to address concerns of this group by providing transparent information on health, animal welfare and the environment to drive trust in the industry, farmers, and products.

Dairy Matters campaign

Dairy Australia launched its Dairy Matters campaign in April 2019.

The campaign was successfully delivered across broad reaching metro and regional channels including TV, cinema, social media, podcasts, search and digital.

The results to date have been positive. Of the 30 per cent of the key audience who saw the campaign:

  • 89 per cent agreed it is ‘important to support the Australian dairy industry’
  • 78 per cent agreed they ‘feel more supportive towards industry’
  • 69 per cent agreed they ‘would pay attention to DA material’

Learn more about the campaign by accessing the visual and audio selection of the media assets for the Dairy Matters campaign across TV, podcasts, digital display, and social media.

Television commercial and cinema advertising

Click on each of the sections below to see how consumers learned about the Dairy Matters campaign.

  • Copy Link Podcast advertising

    The following audio ads ran throughout Andrew Denton's highly successful Interview podcast series, with three message variations including health, environment and an extended version incorporating value based messaging for quality Australian dairy messaging.

    Health Message Podcast - Andrew Denton

    Environment Message Podcast - Andrew Denton

    Value Message Podcast - Andrew Denton

    Audio ads with environment and value messaging performed well across Interview with David Tennant and The Guardian podcast series.

    Environment Message Podcast - David Tennant

    Health Message Podcast - David Tennant

    Value Message Podcast - The Guardian

  • Copy Link Social media advertising

    The following ads were displayed across Facebook newsfeeds and Instagram stories with messaging focused on health, quality Australian dairy and environmental sustainability.

    Health ad

    Quality ad

    Environment ad

  • Copy Link Digital advertising

    Our campaign ads featured across premium online websites like Nine, REA, Domain, Forbes, Delish and Harpers Bazaar, and reinforced our key commitments.

    Digital advertising - Our Environment matters

    Digital advertising - The future matters

    Digital advertising - what matters to me?

    Digital advertising - Good health matters


You Ask, We Answer

Dairy Australia introduced the You Ask, We Answer section on dairy.com.au and invited consumers to have their dairy questions answered by credible industry experts.

333 questions have been asked, with the majority of questions focused on health, nutrition and animal care.

Learn more about the You Ask, We Answer campaign below.

Public Relations channel approach

Dairy Australia executed a public relations channel strategy, which included a media and influencer strategy to support the Dairy Matters campaign.

As part of this strategy we surveyed Australians’ perceptions of dairy, focusing on dairy avoidance. The media strategy achieved eight pieces of media content with an audience of more than 504,000 and 23 pieces of social media content with an audience of 138,501.

The influencer program achieved 31 pieces of content with a combined reach of 237,300 people. Using the survey results, we created a 5 minute television ad that incorporated key industry messages with a viewership of more than 288,000, along with two digital ads with a reach of 1,857,000.

Learn more about the public relations channel approach below.

  • Copy Link Media and social media

    Below is an example influencer social media post by the Health Performance Collective on how dairy can be incorporated into easy pre and post exercise smoothies to assist with energy and recovery.

    Health Performance Collective social media article

    Online lifestyle publication, PopSugar, featured an article on the Food Matrix - a way of looking at foods and in particular dairy, based on their structure, rather than just on the individual nutrients that they contain. The article features conversations with practising dietitians, Chloe McLeod and Jessica Spendlove of Health Performance Collective on how this approach can change the way we look at certain foods.

    Read the full article - This approach to dieting will change the way you look at certain foods.

    Pop Sugar article

  • Copy Link Farm tour

    We invited media and social influencers behind the dairy farm gate with dairy farmer John Verstaden and three industry experts. They experienced how a dairy farm operates and had many opportunities to ask questions of the experts.

    Our influencers and experts, including dietitians Marika Day and Melanie McGrice, captured highlights of the tour and posted to social media throughout the day.

    influencer farm tour screenshot

    farm tour influencer screenshot

Case study: Dairy farmers key to building trust

Celebrity power is being leveraged to promote dairy and build trust and support for dairy products, farmers and the industry.

As consumers increasingly look to experts to validate information, engaging well-respected, trusted and credible celebrities who can deliver transparent information is a key component of Dairy Australia’s Dairy Matters consumer marketing approach.

Having pioneered the Australian paddock to plate philosophy, celebrity chef and fourth-generation farmer Matt Moran is now one of a team of dairy ambassadors supporting the approach.

Now in its third stage, the Dairy Matters campaign has included advertising across TV, cinema, podcasts, social media, search and digital, with a focus on metropolitan areas, as well as a series of ‘advertorials’ with transparent information and case studies about dairy in credible news publications.

The approach has included an influencer program to encourage social media influencers to engage consumers with accurate information around topics of health, nutrition, sustainability and dairy myth-busting.

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