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Influencers and ambassadors

Influencers and ambassadors are an integral component of many brand’s marketing communications strategy. Consumers are increasingly turning to social media and influencers to access information. Of those influencers who are viewed as relatable, objective and credible in their respective fields, 59%* of Australians trust in what they have to say.

There are several communication channels we use to deliver our messages. TV, cinema, outdoor are great awareness raising channels. Through print, PR, podcasts, digital and influencers we can have a deeper conversation with our audience about health, sustainability and animal health.

While there are many ways to define influencers, there are three key types that we engage with most frequently. Keeping in mind that Influencers don’t necessarily fall into one neat category:

  • Grass roots influencers: someone who has generated their profile through creating high quality, relatable or aspirational social and digital content that resonates with people like them.
  • Experts: an expert in their field, someone who has built credibility and authority over time by living and breathing their passion or profession and has built a profile or level of celebrity as an outcome. At Dairy Australia, we draw on our SMEs internally but also health professionals, vets, farmers and scientists to help deliver our message through advertising, case studies, social media and events
  • Celebrity: someone who already has a profile based on their job being in the public eye i.e. a media personality, actor/actress, musician, model, athlete etc. who people aspire or relate to. When we work with celebrity ambassadors, we are looking for people who are recognised, well liked and have a connection to the dairy industry.

At Dairy Australia we seek to work with a range of influencers

The following short video is from a farm tour run by our Health Professional communications team, who took a group of 25 health influencers, each with large media or social followings, on farm and exposed them to other experts including farmers, a vet and an environmental scientist.

When we work with celebrity influencers and ambassadors, we look for people who are widely recognised, well liked and ideally have a connection to the dairy industry, which leads us into introducing our celebrity ambassadors including our newest ambassador, Jonathan Brown.

Matt Moran

Matt Moran

As a 4th generation farmer, we have worked with chef and restaurateur Matt Moran for the past 12 months on key campaigns such as Australian Grand Dairy Awards and World Milk Day.

Emma Hawkins

Emma Hawkins

Emma is a lifestyle influencer with a large social following. She has a farming background and is married to AFL player Tom Hawkins. She is passionate about promoting dairy and ag. We have worked with Emma on Healthy Bones Action Week, the Australian Grand Dairy Awards and other smaller social campaigns.

Jonathan Brown

Jonathan Brown

As part of the Australian Dairy Plan consultation and the commitment to increased promotion, our stakeholders told us they wanted a celebrity ambassador that could be the ‘face of dairy’. In early March we appointed ex AFL player and radio personality Jonathan Brown to that role. Jonathan is passionate about the country, having grown up in Warrnambool, with both his grandparents and uncle owning dairy farms. Dairy also played a huge role in his diet as a former professional athlete.

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