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Dairy Australia invests across the dairy supply chain, identifying the best opportunities for collective action.

Investment by Strategic Priority

To achieve its core business objectives, Dairy Australia annually develops and reviews a set of strategic priorities, which we use to guide investment in our current projects.

Strategic Priority 1 - Profitable dairy farms


  • Pre-farm gate programs
  • To improve the profitability and resilience of dairy farms.
  • Post-farm-gate programs
  • Find the right markets for dairy products, and ensure organisations can sell without undue restrictions.

Strategic Priority 2 - Capable people


  • Attract transition and retain
  • Sourcing the people and skills the industry needs to grow is a key issue.
  • Industry education
  • Includes creating a broader multi-sector remit for the NCDE brand.
  • Regional operations and extension
  • To accelerate the extent and rate of adoption by farmers of industry standard farming practices, new ideas and technology, particularly those which are the result of DA's investments in RD&E.
  • Workforce strategy and planning
  • People are key drivers of productivity. Issues such as generational demographics and regional differences create challenges and opportunities.

Strategic Priority 3 - Trusted dairy industry

Investments that promote products and reputation and creating knowledge and insights into the industry, including:

  • Industry and community marketing
  • Industry risk and reputation management
  • Knowledge and insights

For more information on each Strategic Priority visit our Levy Investment section.

Major Initiatives

Focus Farms

Dairy Australia has established a network of Focus Farms to support farmer decision making. Find out how Focus Farms looks at the factors impacting decisions at any point in time, including seasonal and market conditions.


DataGene is an independent and industry-owned organisation responsible for driving genetic gain and herd improvement in the Australian dairy industry and is an initiative of Dairy Australia and industry.

More Initiatives