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Dairy Australia has a responsibility to report to all members through a range of channels, sharing information and enhancing collective knowledge for the industry.

Reporting to members and stakeholders

Dairy Australia reports to its members and stakeholders through a range of channels.

Annual general meeting

Dairy Australia reports on its financial and investment performance each year to members and stakeholders at an Annual General Meeting (AGM), typically held in November. Our Managing Director and Chairman discuss:

  • Achievements for the reporting year
  • Where Dairy Australia is heading over the next one to five years
  • How we will manage the challenges that will shape the industry's future

Dairy Australia members can ask the Board questions after the formal business of the meeting. A Notice-of-Meeting is sent to all members in mid October to invite them to the AGM, and inform them of the formal business that will be conducted at the meeting, ie:

  • The directors retiring or re-standing for election
  • Information about the nominated candidates
  • Resolutions that need to be voted on

Annual report

Dairy Australia records its performance in its Annual Report, which can be viewed in our publications section. The Annual Report is sent to the Australian Government and members who request a copy.

Independent review

As part our Statutory Funding Agreement with the Australian Government, we are required to conduct an independent review of our performance before a levy poll, which gives levy payers the opportunity to indicate their preferred rate of levy. The review evaluates how we performed against our Strategic and Annual Operational Plans, and the value we provided for levy payers.

The latest review, completed by Scott Williams, Russell Pattinson, John Harrison and Chris Wilcox in February 2017, concludes that Dairy Australia has met all of the obligations of the Statutory Funding Agreement and performed successfully in its role as the industry services body.

While the review acknowledges many positives, it offers four key recommendations for improvement. These are listed below along with the timing for implementation:

  • Continue to improve organisational culture - On-going
  • Continue working on a dashboard that reports progress against targets - December 2017
  • Continue to carry out ex-post evaluations and communicate the results to levy payers - On-going
  • Continue to benchmark marketing and promotional activities - June 2018

Click here to view the Independent Performance Review.

Other communication

In addition to digital resources available through the Dairy Australia and other websites, Dairy Australia produces a wide range of publications and resources that communicate the priorities of the organisation as well as outcomes of individual investments. Printed publications can be accessed through the dairy publications section.


All members have access to the free Memberline - 1800 004 377 to access further information. This number is also available to levy payers who wish to become a Group A member.

Major Initiatives

Focus Farms

Dairy Australia has established a network of Focus Farms to support farmer decision making.


DairyBase is a web-based tool that enables dairy farmers to measure and compare their farm business performance over time.

More Initiatives