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Non-Executive Director

Join DairyBio & DairyFeedbase as a Non-Executive Director and support the future strategic direction of Dairy research and innovation. 

DairyBio and DairyFeedbase are joint venture projects, with the State Government, Dairy Australia and Gardiner Foundation as joint venture partners.

DairyBio has contracted investment for the July 2016 to June 2021 period, to deliver a series of practical applications in pasture and herd improvement that collectively will transform the basis for dairy farming in the decades to come: high-performance pasture that supports year-round grazing of dairy cattle and herds that are healthier, more fertile and more productive.

DairyFeedbase is contracted investment for the July 2017 to June 2023 period, to deliver improved management of both agronomy and animal nutrition. Innovations will focus on key challenges to grow more forage, select more appropriate pasture cultivars, allocate feed to herds, manage cows in periods of hot weather, and improve cow performance in early lactation.

The DairyBio Director Recruitment Committee is seeking expressions of interest from individuals to join the DairyBio and DairyFeedbase boards as a Non-Executive Director in October for a 2 - 3 year term.

For this appointment, all applications must have experience in the following 4 areas in line with the DairyBio and DairyFeedbase Board skills and experience framework:

  • Experience in setting a science and innovation agenda at either an industry or individual business level
  • Knowledge and experience of dairy farming and dairy farmer engagement, ideally with an ability to understand how innovations that change key components and inputs of the dairy system can, in turn, influence other parts of the system and affect profitability.
  • Governance and strategic analysis skills
  • Stakeholder engagement skills (with demonstrated skills in government stakeholder engagement or agricultural industry stakeholder engagement highly valued)

The following skills will be highly regarded:

  • Financial control and risk management skills

All applicants will be assessed using a desired skills and experience matrix.

To enquire, please phone Imogen McBain from Dairy Australia on 03 9694 3777. All applications can be submitted to imogen.mcbain@dairyaustralia.com.au by close of business Friday 31 August 2018.

Position Description

Non-Executive Director DairyBio & DairyFeedbase (PDF, 242 KB)


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