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Read about our regional operations and extension programs.

  • Extension operations and delivery

    Extension operations and delivery


    The delivery of effective and quality extension services and programs that meet regional and industry priorities.

    3 year plan focus

    • Fund and support the delivery of extension programs to meet regional priorities
    • Continue Discussion Group and Focus Farm projects through RDPs
    • Evaluate the impact of extension activity and create benchmarks for future assessment
    • Use Salesforce to build the DA/RDP database about farmers and farm businesses to support segmentation and targeted service and extension offerings
    • Build the capacity and capability of DA/RDP extension staff and providers
    • Leverage levy investments through collaboration with partners including the NCDE, dairy processors and government agencies as appropriate

  • Large supplier engagement

    Large Supplier Engagement


    Ensure DA services meet the needs of large producers.

    3 year plan focus

    • Establish a dedicated database around the large supplier group and a critical needs analysis around this sector.
    • Conduct events with large suppliers in each region to identify major issues e.g. workforce, markets, technical issue, etc.
    • Develop relationships with dairy service providers: e.g. Milk processors, banks

  • Regional extension services

    Regional extension services


    Understand regional needs and deliver required support and programs within each dairy region.

    3 year plan focus

    • Continue to work with the RDPs to improve the delivery of extension services
    • Continue to create efficiencies through the provision of support services to the regions

  • Tactics for Tight Times

    Tactics for Tight Times


    To assist dairy farmers in southern Australia to confidently manage the current market and seasonal conditions and enhance their capacity to confront the challenges of the future.

    3 year plan focus

    • Enable up to 1,770 free Taking Stock events during 2016/17
    • Increase the capacity of service providers in business analysis and delivery of one-to-one services like Taking Stock;
    • Achieve change on participating farms in response to the current situation, through delivery of 1,000 feed budgets and other extension activities;
    • Determine the major issues identified by farmers in each region - to contribute to further needs-based responses, if required;
    • Provide information on government and support services available to farmers;
    • Leverage participation in relevant Dairy Australia programs, including farm business management training (Financial Literacy), DairyBase and Feeding Pastures for Profit.


Market need/context

  • There is a need to provide adequate capability for the planning, coordination, delivery and facilitation of effective services and extension to dairy farmers and service providers throughout the dairying regions of Australia.
  • As governments have reduced funding in this area, Dairy Australia and the Regional Development Programs (RDPs) are implementing a new model of industry led extension and reallocating resources into the RDPs and program delivery.
  • Dairy Australia and the RDPs need to promote and drive effective change in dairy farming and increase the rate and scale of change through adoption and innovation on-farm, and this adoption and innovation activities need to align to national and regional priorities, industry targets and measured outcomes
  • With the continued growth in the size of farms, DA needs to responsive to their specific and changing needs.

General approach/strategy

  • Implement the industry led extension model to deliver relevant and quality extension activities that are strongly aligned to national and regional priorities.
  • Maintain and support a regionally based structure (the RDPs) that provides the platform needed for the delivery of programs and services, including the coordination and delivery of extension related activities.
  • Engage and collaborate with other service providers, including farm advisers, vets, commercial suppliers, the National Centre for Dairy Education.
  • Identify and build extension and education delivery capability to support quality program delivery.
  • Embed continuous improvement in the delivery of extension services through effective evaluation.
  • Build farm business management and farm systems capability for dairy farmers, advisers and the research sector
  • Seek opportunities for co-investment in projects which support adoption and innovation on farm.

Major Initiatives

Focus Farms

Dairy Australia has established a network of Focus Farms to support farmer decision making.


DairyBase is a web-based tool that enables dairy farmers to measure and compare their farm business performance over time.

More Initiatives