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Our industry and community marketing efforts are focused on enhancing trust with consumers and building collective knowledge about the industry.

  • Farmer and farming communities industry marketing and communications

    Farmer and farming communities industry marketing and communications


    To increase farmer and community awareness and participation.

    3 year plan focus

    • Continue to connect dairy farmers with their regional communities.
    • Continue to build dairy farmer skills and capabilities.
    • Continue to deliver positive messages on dairy farmers, regional communities and the dairy industry.

  • Food marketing and communications

    Food marketing and communications


    To protect dairy's place in the Australian diet, by promoting the usability, versatility, enjoyment of a wide variety of Australian dairy products. 

    3 year plan focus

    • Protect dairy'™s important role in the Australian diet, by promoting the usability, versatility and enjoyment of a wide variety of Australian dairy foods.
    • Encourage consumption of an extra serve of dairy everyday by keeping dairy usage occasions top of mind.
    • Increase positive perceptions of the dairy industry and the value of its products through communications of the industry'™s people and practices.

  • Health professionals communication and engagement

    Health professionals communication and engagement


    To increase the proportion of dairy positive health messages heard by consumers from health professionals through education and engagement.

    3 year plan focus

    • Health professionals are a key health and nutrition influencer group to consumers.
    • Dentists, dietitians and GPs will be provided with evidence based messages in relation to milk, cheese and yoghurt and will be made aware of the shortfall in dairy consumption and how much they should be recommending.
    • Messages will be delivered via a new communication program called Foods That Do Good which provides health professionals with a single source of accessible, holistic and evidence-based nutritional information on all five food groups.
    • The program that will equip health professionals with the right information at the right time so that they can easily and accurately inform patients about good nutrition.

  • Human health and wellness partnerships and engagement

    Human health and wellness partnerships and engagement


    Develop and strengthen Dairy Australia's strategic partnerships and engagement, ensuring the industry has a coordinated approach to working towards improving societal trust and respect for the industry. 

    3 year plan focus

    • Refocus partnerships to deliver new key messages to consumer and health professional audiences.
    • Influencer & industry engagement“ maintain presence at key conferences on the issue of lactose intolerance, and weight.
    • Increase policy makers and societal shapers awareness of relevant, evidenced based health and nutrition science.
    • Maintain a health and nutrition positive policy and regulatory environment for five food group dairy foods; all milk, cheese and yoghurt.

  • Industry marketing support

    Industry marketing support


    Develop a positive operating environment for the Australian dairy industry through positive, pro-active communications and promotion.

    3 year plan focus

    • Foster a positive media that facilitates delivery of our key dairy positions across our communications programs both proactively and reactively.
    • Enhance our online presence via website(s) and owned social media channels.
    • Utilise monitoring tools to identify emerging issues and opportunities and measure the impact of our work.
    • Cultivate internal and industry ownership of the Legendairy platform messages.

  • Legendairy platform management

    Legendairy platform management


    To provide platform management, measurement and consistency across the Legendairy marketing and industry promotions program.

    3 year plan focus

    • Ensure consistent roll out of It's amazing what dairy can do creative and messaging.
    • Continue engagement with manufacturers and seek out opportunities for collaboration.
    • Drive retail relationship to ensure promotion aligns with Legendairy messaging.
    • Undertake regular agency review to ensure creative and media planning aligns with strategy and delivers against identify challenges.
    • Continue implementation of regular campaign and program measurement

  • Marketing and communications to mums and kids

    Marketing and communications to mums and kids


    To positively shift Balanced Mums attitudes and perceptions around the dairy industry and its products, with a separate focus on milk, cheese and yoghurt.

    3 year plan focus

    • Continue to deliver impactful campaigns, 'amazing what dairy can do' ™using largely below the line channels.
    • Ongoing refinement of messaging that will drive people'™s perception of dairy'™s ˜irreplaceability™ and essentiality in the diet. Messages will connect with the strategic framework around our Legendairy product, people and practices. 
    • Develop broader group of ambassadors, advocates and influencers and leverage partnerships and channels across supporting audiences.
    • Continued delivery of schools engagement initiatives- Picasso Cows and Picasso Cows Makeover programs.
    • To maintain and update the Australian Curriculum linked resources on the Discover Dairy website to ensure teachers are finding credible and usable tools to bring dairy into the classroom.

  • Marketing and communications to women 18 to 50

    Marketing and communications to women 18 to 50


    To positively shift attitudes and perceptions of younger women towards the dairy industry and its products.

    3 year plan focus

    • Replaces projects P221 Marketing to Young Singles and Couples, and P222 Marketing and Communication to Adults 50+.
    • This project has been redefined since the reduction in overall promotion investment to focus on younger women who are more influenced by fads and trends but also active influencers.
    • Channels that reach Balanced Mums do not necessarily reach younger women and therefore a specialised project to target and influence this group has been put in place.
    • A communications program that falls under the umbrella of 'It's amazing what dairy can do' will be developed and implemented in 2016/17.


Market need/context

  • Consumer trust in the dairy industry and its products has been declining over recent years. Consumer perceptions/beliefs in product nutrition, safety and quality are key drivers for continuing consumption. Trust in farmer and dairy manufacturer'™s practices and environmental stewardship are core components of continued social licence to operate.
  • A diverse market mix (domestic 60% and export 40%) is beneficial for dairy in Australia. Most Australian manufacturers have a diversified portfolio and promotion of the industry credentials from grass to glass is an important tool to maintain a positive industry/product narrative and protect the reputation of the industry. Industry promotion is unlikely to increase consumption but without it there may be market erosion as seen in other developed markets.
  • Industry reputation has a direct link to maintaining a social licence to operate, proactive promotion of consistent industry messaging in conjunction with active issues management is required to maintain a positive reputation.
  • Balanced mums (mother of kids between 5-12 years who have a balanced view) are the major grocery buyers and determine family food consumption. Women across all age groups are the major influencers of food values, and trends and as such there is a need to engage to educate.
  • The connection between dairy farmers and consumers in today'™s environment is considerably less than it was 20 years ago. Although farmers are respected by the community most have little understanding of farming practices, community involvement and innovation. Developing a grass roots dairy voice that is consistent of message will help reduce confusion and concern of industry practices and involvement in the community

General approach/strategy

  • The Legendairy promotional platform will be utilised to deliver an integrated marketing and communication program that promotes the industry and its products.
  • The communications strategy will focus on three key audiences (consumer, influencers and farming communities) and use relevant channels that provide best impact.
  • The consumer, key influencers and farmers are not seen as independent, but highly interlinked. Where relevant, messages and activities will be coordinated and leveraged across the projects to ensure maximum impact.
  • Partnerships will be developed to enhance level of credibility

Major Initiatives

Focus Farms

Dairy Australia has established a network of Focus Farms to support farmer decision making.


DairyBase is a web-based tool that enables dairy farmers to measure and compare their farm business performance over time.

More Initiatives