New South Wales

New South Wales accounts for about 8% of national milk production, making it the second-largest milk producing state in Australia behind Victoria.

Farmers in NSW generally produce milk for drinking milk and fresh products and manage their calving and feeding systems to ensure year round production.

What is DairyNSW?

DairyNSW supports the profitability of farms, the capability of dairy farmers and on-farm staff, and the performance and protection of dairy herds.

DairyNSW was set up by Dairy Australia in 1996. DairyNSW drives regional-specific research, development and extension by using local knowledge and skills. Four dairy farmers and four skilled industry stakeholders make up the DairyNSW Board. A Regional Manager is responsible for managing day-to-day operations and supervising extension staff in the region.

DairyNSW develops plans and programs that strengthen the NSW dairy industry. DairyNSW works with farm policy organisations, government agencies, milk processors, other regional teams and dairy services who are committed to ensuring the industry's sustainability and profitability.

There are eight nationally assigned regional teams across the country, funded by Dairy Australia and the dairy service levy, to represent and support dairy farmers in key dairying areas.

DairyNSW's vision is to be a trusted partner, valued resource, and to engage with NSW dairy farmers.

DairyNSW works with potential and current investment partners to develop and provide effective programs for farmers. All projects should directly benefit the industry, so their measure of success is when they make real returns on investment.

The DairyNSW board is skills-based, meaning people who are elected have real-world industry experience, business skills, and a strong network.

DairyNSW Board


Dairy Australia's annual investment in DairyNSW (and all regional teams) comes from dairy farmer levies and government contributions based on each region's milk production. DairyNSW also works to receive funds through:

  • Natural resource management (NRM) bodies
  • State, federal, and local governments, and
  • Other interested investors.

Key projects

Below are some of DairyNSW's major projects:

Feedbase and animal nutrition

  • Feeding Pastures for Profit
  • Top Fodder on silage making
  • Nutrition Fundamentals

Animal performance

  • Herd performance including breed indices and animal husbandry
  • Animal health courses
  • Animal welfare courses

Farming systems and business management

  • Focus Farms
  • Dairy Discussion Groups
  • DairyBase
  • Farm Business Management (financial management)

People and capability

  • Farm Safety Manual workshops
  • Cows Create Careers
  • Young Dairy Network

Land, water, carbon

  • FertSmart nutrient plans for farmers

DairyNSW Programs

DairyNSW Women in Dairy

DairyNSW Young Dairy Network

Stakeholders and Partners

Dairy NSW
Regional team New South Wales

Email: info@dairynsw.com.au

Phone: 02 9351 1741

Mob: 0407 434 073

DairyNSW c/o University of Sydney, MC Franklin Laboratory, Brownlow Hill Loop Road, Camden, New South Wales 2570, PO Box 288
  • Regional office
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