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Farmer support in NSW

Dairy NSW region-specific support information, including local support services, fact sheets and government assistance.

Support for NSW dairy farmers

Rural Resilience

Building resilience is a process that can help farmers manage difficult times and get the most out of dairy life. The Rural Resilience Program provides a number of programs and tools to build resilience.

Mental health

The Glovebox Guide to Mental Health provides a useful tool for farmers to address mental health issues and promote mental fitness. The guide includes strategies for managing mental health challenges and support services available in NSW.

Physical activity for health and happiness

Keeping physically healthy is as important as maintaining good mental health. In fact, maintaining good physical and mental health goes hand-in-hand with improved overall wellbeing.

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How are you going?

Take the time to stop and check in. This quick infographic is a useful tool to help identify when support may be needed.

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Government and financial assistance

Rural Financial Counsellors in each region provide free services; helping farmers identify and assess business and family financial options. They also provide help in completing forms and applications for Government assistance. Review their services and book a local counsellor at Rural Financial Counsellors Service.

The Australian Government provides a number of measures to support farmers through difficult periods. Review the different Government services, programs and assistance measures.

Drought Support

As the dry conditions continue across the state, we're working with our industry partners to provide a range of support initiatives for farmers.

Free session - Taking Stock 1:1 consultations

Dairy farmers in drought affected regions can access a free, confidential one-on-one session with a trained adviser, who can help farm families work through key decisions and identify next steps.

For more information please call 1800 270 778 or contact your local Dairy NSW Regional Extension Officer.

Free feed planning advice from a feed base consultant

Join your neighbours and a specialist feed base consultant to discuss the best fodder management options for farms in your region. This session will help you make the most of spring as the national fodder market continues to tighten.

Please call 1800 270 778 or contact your local Dairy NSW Regional Extension Officer.


The NSW Government has created DroughtHub, an online one-stop-shop to assist farmers in navigating their Emergency Drought Relief Package.

More info: DroughtHub

At DroughtHub the NSW assistance programs include:

  • Emergency Drought Relief Package
  • Transport and animal welfare
  • Finance
  • Management information
  • Wellbeing
  • Skills and training

It also includes latest NSW drought maps, research and development and case studies.

Agriculture, Animal Health and Welfare Hotline

Provides a dedicated 24 hour hotline for anyone who is affected by current dry conditions and has questions about their individual circumstances or concerns relating to animal health or welfare - 1800 255 556.

More info: Seasonal hardship 24 hour hotline

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