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Focus Farms is a two year on-site dairy farm program targeting improvements to the bottom line of your business.

Focus Farms

Dairy NSW Focus Farm Watering

The Focus Farms program has been benefiting dairy farmers Australia-wide for more than eight years and running in the Dairy NSW region since 2014. 

As a result of Focus Farms, a growing network of dairy farms across Australia are now models of whole farm systems and profitability. Through on-farm meetings, open days and reports, Focus Farms not only benefits participants, but all interested farmers and communities. How do we know? We measured the impact of the program on the first two Dairy NSW focus farms, Wogamia and Raelands.

The Dairy NSW Focus Farms Review Report confirmed that: 

  • There was strong positive feedback on the value and effectiveness of focus farms
  • The focus farms themselves confirmed a significant benefit to their business
  • Support group members confirmed significant benefits through their role
  • Open day participants were influenced by their experiences
  • We received good feedback from our communications about the program through newsletters, web and media

Download the report here

Interested in the program? Hear from a Focus Farmer

Leigh ‘Skeeta’ Verhey work in the Murray Dairy region and participated in the Focus Farms program. Watch this video to find out more about Skeeta's experience.

"The biggest (benefit of the program) was more direction in our business" - Leigh

Interested in becoming a focus farm? Learn more about the Focus Farm program requirements.

Dairy NSW Focus Farm Stories: Raelands Dairy and Wogamia Dairy

Raelands Dairy

Program completed: March 2017

Raelands, in Barrington NSW has been a family farm since the 1860's. Chris McRae started dairying there in 1981. Chris's son, James is a fifth generation dairy farmer who returned to the farm in May 2013 with his wife Lauren, transitioning the business to a two family operation. At the finish of the Focus Farm program, Chris, James and Lauren had achieved the following successes:

  • Milk production up by 35%
  • Cow numbers up by 15%
  • Per cow production up by 3%
  • Income up by 22%
  • Costs down by 10%
  • Cash surplus this year of $115,000, before debt servicing and drawings.

Read the Raelands Farm Focus profile covering:

  • Farm and family history
  • Q&A with the McRae family
  • Project content, goals, desired outcomes
  • SWOT analysis
  • Open day flyer

Download all Raelands Open Day Reports and Media Releases including:


Wogamia Dairy

Program completed: July 2016

Wogamia Dairy, near Nowra, has been run by Dan and Bec Cochrane since 2012. Wogamia was the first Dairy NSW Focus Farm and at the time the program started, Dan and Bec had a herd of 300 dairy cows, predominantly Holstein/Friesian with some Illawarra, Aussie Reds, Jersey and crossbreds. The dairy was a 15 year old 28 swing over herringbone with a total milking area of 115ha. By program close Wogamia had achieved the following successes:

  • A 25% total increase in herd size from 300 to 380 milkers
  • An increase in the average milk solids per cow, year on year
  • An increase in average Margin over Total Feed costs
  • The monthly BMCC average stayed below 190 000 cells/ml for the last 12 months of the program
  • Reduced milkings per month for Dan and Bec and more time off-farm

Download the Wogamia Farm Focus profile covering:

  • Farm history
  • Project background
  • Calf and heifer rearing - Colostrum feeding review

Download all Wogamia Open Day Reports and Media Releases including:

If you are interested in becoming a Focus Farm or would just like to know more about the Dairy NSW Focus Farm program, find out here.

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Focus Farms

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