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DairySA focuses on research, development, and extension for South Australian dairy farmers.

About DairySA

DairySA is one of eight Australian dairy Regional Development Programs (RDPs). Funded by Dairy Australia and the dairy service levy, DairySA delivers regional information and activities that support South Australian farm profitability and sustainability through:

  • Funding research, development, education and extension (RDE&E) activities
  • Developing projects and workshops based on dairy farmer feedback
  • Managing specific RDE&E projects for South Australian dairy farmers
  • Coordinating dairy farmers' events
  • Seeking leverage funds to ensure the levy is maximised

DairySA is governed by an industry-based board with at least four farmer representatives. Other board members are sourced from government, local processors and business. All board members have a strong understanding of the industry and a passion for South Australian dairy development and sustainability. Meet our current board members.

Our region

South Australian dairy farms have a long history of:

  • quality dairy produce
  • high productivity values, and
  • innovative dairy practices

Representing approx. 5 % of the national output of milk in the Australian dairy industry, SA has the highest proportion of large herd dairy farms (one thousand plus) and the highest number of robotic dairies in Australia.

SA milk is highly valued by processors for its quality and record high butterfat and protein values. Our milk and milk byproducts promise:

  • economical processing
  • product versatility, and
  • good shelf life.

The four main dairying regions stretch from the South East of the state to the Barossa Mid North area and include:

South East

This region produces over 60% of our state's milk and is regarded as the primary production area; predominantly supported by summer irrigated pastures. 

River and Lakes

Hit hard in the past by drought and severe water restrictions, the River and Lakes regional dairy community is extremely resilient; paving the way towards a more flexible and profitable style of dairying.

Fleurieu Peninsula

Predominantly dryland dairy farming area, contracting in farm numbers but is holding cow numbers and milk production. While increasingly under threat from urban sprawl and competing land use, the farmers in the region remain committed to quality milk and herd production.

Barossa Mid North

Perhaps better known for its wine and crop production, there is a thriving dairy industry in the region, based on dryland systems. Milk production has increased in the past few years as these farmers actively aim to develop their production skills and feeding regimes.


DairySA Discussion Groups

A DairySA Discussion Group gives you valuable contact and learning opportunities with your dairy farming peers in your region. Find out more.


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