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Director Elections

Each year Dairy Australia conducts a search for persons who are suitably skilled for nomination for election to the Board at its Annual General Meeting (AGM). The selection process is overseen by a Board Selection Committee (BSC), which recommends candidates for endorsement by the Board.

This process ensures that candidates are rigorously assessed against the skills needed for a Director position and that an open and transparent application process is followed.

Professional recruitment support is engaged to assist the BSC to identify qualified candidates for non-Milk Producer Director positions who have the appropriate skills, experience and outlook required for this position.

Board composition and committees

Dairy Australia’s Board comprises eight non-executive directors and the Managing Director. The Board provides oversight of the organisation and ensures the dairy levy is invested in programs that support the profitability and sustainability of dairy farmers. A Board Skills Matrix specifies the mix of skills required by Directors and is a requirement of Dairy Australia’s funding agreement with the Commonwealth Government. Dairy Australia’s Constitution requires that:

  • the Board as a whole has an appropriate balance of skills and experience, having regard to the nature of the business and affairs of the company
  • the Board has at least four directors with milk producer skills
  • the Directors rotate with either two or three directors retiring each year, so that no director serves longer than three years without having to present themselves for re-election. Directors cannot serve for more than three consecutive terms (i.e. nine years in total).

The Board has three standing committees that assist it in discharging its responsibilities: an Audit and Risk Management Committee and a Human Resources Committee (both comprised of Dairy Australia Directors), and a Board Selection Committee (four of its five members are appointed by industry).

Directors are required to understand the responsibilities and obligations of company directors, possess general commercial and financial literacy and are expected to act with integrity, honesty and in a collaborative manner.

Director Vacancies 2022

There are two vacancies for the Dairy Australia Board with the retirement of two directors, Paul Wood and Josephine Rozman.

The Dairy Australia Board identified two areas of skills and experience required for incoming Directors and two positions were advertised - a Director with finance and risk management skills and a Director with research, development and commercialisation skills.

Following a thorough search and interview process Andrew Maughan is selected for the Finance and Risk Management vacancy, and Alan Bell for the Research, Development & Commercialisation vacancy as the Director nominees who best meet the skills requirements of the positions.

Board selection process

The Board is assisted in its search for suitable Director candidates by the BSC. This is a standing committee appointed for a 12-month period.  It has five members comprising two representatives of each of Dairy Australia’s Group B Members (Australian Dairy Farmers and the Australian Dairy Products Federation), representing the Australian dairy industry, and the Chair of the BSC who is a Dairy Australia Director (not standing for re-election).

The BSC’s role is to identify and nominate candidates who will ensure that the Board collectively has an appropriate balance of skills and experience in relation to the nature of the business and affairs of Dairy Australia.

After assessing the applications received and interviewing candidates, the BSC recommends one candidate for each Director vacancy for endorsement by the Board. Endorsed candidates then stand for election at the AGM as Dairy Australia Board nominees.

In 2022, the BSC was assisted by:

  • An executive search consultant (Rimfire Resources) to source applicants for the dairy supply chain and product promotion vacancy.

This process has now completed.

Time commitment required of Dairy Australia Board Directors

The time commitment is approximately 20 - 25 days a year. The Board meets every month, usually at Dairy Australia’s offices in Melbourne. Some meetings may be held at regional locations or hosted online via web conference. In addition, each Director is expected to sit on one of the Board Committees, each of which usually meets three to four times per year. Directors will also be expected to make regional visits and attend industry events. Whenever possible, Committee meetings and regional events are scheduled to coincide with Board meetings.

Further information

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