Healthcare Professionals Engagement

Dairy Australia's healthcare professionals engagement program aims to provide evidence-based resources and tools to general practitioners and dietitians so they can confidently address patient concerns and recommend dairy to Australians.

GPs and dietitians are identified as having the highest credibility with Dairy Australia's consumer audience, with health and nutrition ranking as a key driver of trust and consumption. A significant portion of consumers cross-reference what they have heard about health and nutrition with a health professional.

So far, the campaign has:

  • Communicated to health professionals by launching the Bones Matters and Lactose Intolerance campaigns, partnering with top tier scientists including Professor Beck and the CSIRO
  • Increased GP trust in Dairy Australia by 9% and increased confidence to recommend dairy as part of a balanced diet to 83%
  • 18,432 visits to the health professionals website during the campaign (up 900% from 1,826)
  • Increased the number of consumers hearing positive messages from healthcare professionals to 84% (from 72%)

Bone Health activities

Dairy Australia's Bone Health activities aim to update healthcare professionals on the latest scientific information on lifestyle management of bone health.

Messages to healthcare professionals were communicated through GP print and digital ads, email marketing, social media and an online quiz.


  • Factsheet Osteoporosis

    (22 July 2020)
    PDF, 99.89 KB
  • Factsheet Lifestyle Management of Bone Health

    (22 July 2020)
    PDF, 169.23 KB
  • GP Bone Health Poster

    (09 July 2020)
    PDF, 112.28 KB

Lactose Intolerance campaign

Dairy Australia's Lactose Intolerance campaign aims to address patient confusion around lactose intolerance and dairy consumption.

The campaign includes collaboration with Dr Malcolm Riley and Dr Jane Bowen from CSIRO to produce a white paper and media comment on management of lactose intolerance. The campaign was communicated through GP print and digital ads (1, 2 and 3), email marketing and social media.


  • Lactose free doesnt mean dairy free factsheet

    (22 July 2020)
    PDF, 34.9 KB
  • Lactose free doesnt mean dairy free ad

    (09 July 2020)
    PDF, 741.71 KB
  • Lactose maldigestion and intolerance infographic

    (22 July 2020)
    PDF, 30.75 KB
  • Dairy food for people with lactose intolerance whitepaper

    (22 July 2020)
    PDF, 113.15 KB

Dairy Avoidance campaign

During 2019, Dairy Australia conducted a survey to investigate the prevalence and drivers of dairy avoidance. Dairy Australia partnered with the CSIRO's Dr Sinead Golley to compare its own data to the CSIRO's 2010 survey.

A communication strategy was developed to highlight the prevalence of dairy avoidance, and in particular the self-prescribed ‘dairy-free’ trend. Dr Golley’s research and commentary was disseminated via a dietitian podcast, written commentary, GP press ads and advertorial.


  • GP dairy avoidance print ad

    (09 July 2020)
    PDF, 2.86 MB
  • Dairy avoidance infographic

    (09 July 2020)
    JPG, 141.11 KB
  • Dairy avoidance drivers infographic

    (09 July 2020)
    JPG, 247.3 KB

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