DairySA Board

DairySA is run by a Board of Directors, comprising a farmer director majority as well as a milk processor representative and independent skills-based directors. The Board meets bi-monthly.

The role of the Board is to ensure funding is directed to research and development relevant to the region which benefits South Australian dairy farmers.

DairySA focuses its efforts on communicating research and extension to all SA dairy farmers to increase the profitability and sustainability of the region's dairy industry.

To get in touch, call or email one of the Directors below, or for a general inquiry complete the form here

Board Members

Andrew Cavill

Email: show email address

Mob: 0437 584 975

  • Bool Lagoon
Hamish Browning
Milk Processor representative

Email: show email address

Mob: 0427 411 406

    Bec Walmsley
    Vice Chair

    Email: show email address

    Mob: 0420 315 255

    • Myponga
    Michael Krichauff

    Email: show email address

    Mob: 0448 980 195

    • Delamere
    Lauren Brinkmann
    Independent Director

    Email: show email address

    Mob: 0428 828 303

    • Mt Barker
    Don Stolp

    Email: show email address

    Mob: 0407 730 806

    • Kongorong

    Review DairySA current and previous annual reports below.


    • DairySA Annual Report 2022-23PDF9.09 MB
    • DairySA Annual Report 2021-22PDF4.87 MB
    • DairySA Annual Report 2020-21PDF2.62 MB
    • DairySA Annual Report 2019-20PDF6.81 MB
    • DairySA Annual Report 2018-19PDF2.84 MB
    • DairySA Annual Report 2017-18PDF3.44 MB
    • DairySA Annual Report 2016-17PDF3.13 MB
    • DairySA Annual Report 2015-16PDF1.42 MB
    • DairySA Annual Report 2014-15PDF7.62 MB
    • DairySA Annual Report 2013-14PDF3.78 MB
    • DairySA Annual Report 2012-13PDF1.5 MB
    • DairySA Annual Report 2011-12PDF2.32 MB
    • DairySA Annual Report 2010-11PDF655.83 KB
    • DairySA Annual Report 2009-10PDF402.75 KB
    • DairySA Annual Report 2008-09PDF827.22 KB

    Considering joining the DairySA Board?

    In these videos, DairySA Board members Glenn Dohnt and Michael Krichauff speak about why they joined the DairySA Board and what they have gained from it.

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