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Feedbase and Animal Nutrition Programs

The programs and projects DairyTas runs or supports are listed by the strategic priorities of DairyTas and Dairy Australia.

A number of courses are delivered by our major partners TasTAFE or TIA and are supported by DairyTas with resources and quality assurance.

To view a list of upcoming events, please visit our events calendar.


  • Copy Link Pasture Management for Tasmanian Dairy Farmers

    Pasture Management for Tasmanian Dairy Farmers


    At this two day workshop you will learn:

    Topics covered during the course include:

    • Pasture species
    • Plant requirements for growth
    • How pasture grows
    • How to graze at the optimum grazing interval
    • Nutritional requirements of cows 
    This course is supported by DairyTas and delivered locally by TIA. 

    Expressions of interest

    For information, course dates and locations, please contact Lesley Irvine at TIA on:

    Mobile: 0428 880 287

    Email: lesley.irvine@utas.edu.au

  • Copy Link Nutrition Fundamentals

    Nutrition Fundamentals


    Anyone who would like to learn about nutrition and the impact it has on a business’s profitability.


    To provide participants with the fundamental understanding of dairy cow nutrition including:

    • An understanding of how a cow’s digestive tract works and the impact different feeds will have on the function of the digestive tract
    • The purposes of supplementary feeding and where it fits into a dairy system
    • An understanding of cow requirements and how different feed types meet these requirements 


    This is a 2-day workshop that is conducted in a classroom with a trained dairy nutritionist. Topics covered over the two days include:

    Day 1:

    • What are ruminants
    • Common nutrition terms
    • Cow requirements
    • Cow signs/indicators

    Day 2:

    • Feed analysis and balancing a diet
    • Feed-gap and profit
    • Feed planning tools

    While being classroom based, the course allow participants to see practical examples of different feed types and work through different feeding scenarios.

    This course can help build participants knowledge so they are ready to undertake the Advanced Nutrition In Action program.


  • Copy Link Advanced Nutrition in Action

    Advanced Nutrition in Action


    Farm owners, sharefarmers and managers who have full responsibility for whole of herd nutrition.


    To enable participants to improve herd nutrition practices on farm by providing them with the technical knowledge, problem solving and strategic planning skills, and tools to develop and implement appropriate, nutrition-related management strategies which support their personal and business goals.


    The course comprises of online learning and 7 face to face learning days in 4 sessions over a 15 week period. A further 1 day workshop occurs 3 to 5 months after the completion of this initial program. The program uses a ‘flipped classroom’ learning model, with a series of online learning modules to be completed prior to the face-to-face workshop sessions.

    • Online modules provide all the technical content of the course. Participants will be required to work through this and do some tasks individually prior to the face to face workshops
    • Face-to-face workshops are devoted to group and individual activities that reinforce learning from the online modules
    • Following the workshops, participants will be required to do some further tasks focused on their own farm

    Topics covered during the course include:

    • Feeding the Milking Herd and Heifer Replacements
    • Optimising Herd Productivity, Health and Welfare
    • Developing and Implementing Nutrition Strategies

    The course will cost participants approximately $1,500 per person. Please talk with the course coordinator to find out the exact cost.

    Participants will also need access to the internet and be able to bring a device (laptop or tablet) to face to face workshops.


  • Copy Link Top Fodder

    Top Fodder

    This course is offered by Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) that DairyTas recommends.

    For information and course dates, please contact Samantha Flight at the TIA on:

    Mobile: 0409 801 341

    Email: samantha.flight@utas.edu.au

    Further information is available on our Managing fodder shortage page.