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Water, soil and biodiversity

Tasmania's water and soil resources give us our competitive edge in global dairying

Water information and resources

Using our water resources sustainably and protecting water quality is critical for the ongoing success of our local industry.

  • Tasmanian irrigation schemes
    Learn about the scheme and buy/trade or order water at Tasmanian Irrigation.
  • Clean Rivers and Tasmanian dairy farms
    Keeping our rivers clean for our families and the environment, Clean rivers fact sheet

  • Video: Dairy Cares for Derwent



Healthy, productive soils are a key driver of dairy farm profitability in Tasmania’s pasture based systems and dairy farmers are becoming more strategic in their use of fertilisers and effluent because effluent is a key part of soil management on dairy farms. DairyTas recommends regular soil testing and an understanding of nutrient budgeting to help maintain your farm's soil health.

Understand the Soil Quality in your region
Biological, chemical and physical data on the soil quality in your region of Tasmania on the Soil Quality website.

Soil Health
The complete guide to soil including latest research and training visit the Soil Health website.