The 10 Steps

Reducing the carbon footprint of Tasmanian dairying

Funding from the Tasmanian Climate Change Office is helping DairyTas identify ways to reduce the carbon footprint of dairying in Tasmania.  This project involves research, case studies and extension activities.  DairyTas is partnering with LIC and Private Forests Tasmanian Tree Alliance in delivery of this project.  Other project partners are assisting with specific topics.

The 10 Steps

A series of 10 fast facts and farm actions:

  1. Know where emissions come from
  2. Make every cow count
  3. Efficient cows
  4. Enduring cows
  5. Home grown goodness
  6. Smarter energy use
  7. Be Fert$mart
  8. Keep cows comfortable and plant trees
  9. Farming carbon - rivers, soil and trees
  10. Keep learning - new technologies and ideas are coming 
  • 10 Steps summary

    PDF, 855.2 KB
  • 1 Know where emissions come from

    PDF, 632.01 KB
  • 2 Make every cow count

    PDF, 643.26 KB
  • 3 Efficient cows are key

    PDF, 1.67 MB
  • 4 Enduring cows

    PDF, 582.58 KB
  • 5 Home grown goodness

    PDF, 934.15 KB
  • 6 Smarter energy use

    PDF, 835.63 KB
  • 7 Be Fert$mart

    PDF, 1.41 MB
  • 8 Keep cows comfortable plant trees

    PDF, 1.1 MB
  • 9 Carbon farming rivers soils and trees

    PDF, 1.27 MB
  • 10 Keep learning

    PDF, 597.92 KB

Case study of solar on Tasmanian dairy farms

DairyTas engaged Energy ROI to undertake a case study of solar on Tasmanian dairy farms. Download the case study below:

  • DairyTas Solar energy case study 2020

    PDF, 658.95 KB

Extension activities

In the first 6 months of this project, DairyTas has delivered two presentations for this project, plus promoted a number of DairyNZ webinars and LIC webinars of interest and relevance to Tasmanian farmers. Download them below.

Efficient farming and carbon footprint.  Presentation by Tony Fransen, LIC at Tasmanian Dairy Conference.  

  • DairyTas Energy ROI Solar Study Presentation 2020 R1

    PDF, 1.11 MB

All About Energy webinar, in conjunction with Energy ROI, Aurora, ERM and TasNetworks.  

  • Tony Fransen TasDairyConf 18 Mar 2021

    PDF, 6.16 MB


DairyTas has partnered with Private Forests Tasmania to undertake modeling of carbon sequestration in Tasmanian forest types to better understand hectares of trees needed to offset cow methane emissions.

Please contact Rachel Brown on 03 6432 2233 for a copy of the modeling work undertaken.

Climate Change and Dairy

Find out more about Dairy Australia’s commitment to supporting the dairy industry in addressing the challenge of climate change.

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