Sustainability Forum Part 2- Backcasting: Good stewardship of the planet

DATE Tuesday 1st December 2020
TIME 11:00AM - 12:30PM
Ticket TypePrice
Admit One$0.00 AUD per person

Good stewardship of the planet

What needs to be done to meet future scenarios and manage the challenge of climate change?

How might the framework adapt to enable dairy to be future-ready?

Take a deep dive with subject experts and guest speakers to explore how the Australian dairy industry can keep its commitments to animals, consumers, nature and our people in 2030. At these side-events we will jam ways to counter challenges, seize opportunities and meet expectations.

(Note: Part 2 comprises four events one for each of the commitments in the Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework. Simply register for the commitment(s) of most interest to you.

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