Subtropical Dairy - Smarter Irrigation for Profit Field Day

DATE Tuesday 9th March 2021
TIME 10:00AM - 12:30PM
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What we need to know is how energy efficient our system is to make sure that we are getting a good return for our investment. We feel that we

can maximise efficiency and growth potential of our pastures by knowing where our soil moisture is at.

The SIP2 project is providing an opportunity for us to learn more

about what data is critical to schedule irrigation more effectively and how to maximise our yield during the winter ryegrass period into early summer. This is the window of growth opportunity

for us'.

Brian Chappell, Fairdale Farm


  • Marguerite White, Optimisation Sites Coordinator and Peter Smith, Sapphire Irrigation Consulting - Learn about the activities that have been implemented to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of irrigation at Fairdale- what does the first year of data tell us?
  • Brian & Lizzy Chappell - How is irrigation managed at Fairdale and has the project created opportunities to better optimise yield under the irrigated areas?
  • Dr James Hills, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture - Effective Irrigation. Scheduling right to maximise water productivity in dairy.
  • Dr Dave Rowlings, QUT - Improving Optimal Nitrogen-Irrigation Interactions
  • Panel discussion- Pros & cons of working with soil moisture monitors
  • Get familiar with IrriPasture- a free irrigation scheduling tool for the dairy industry
  • Farm walk of the irrigation systems and soil moisture monitoring sites.

SIP2 is a cross industry collaborative project of the dairy, cotton, sugar, rice and grains sectors. SIP2: Whats my yield gap? Maximising water productivity is a Dairy Australia project. Fairdale Farm is one of ten Dairy Optimisation Sites established across the mainland Australian dairy regions.

Dr James Hills is Australias leading expert in pressurised irrigation for the dairy industry. His tips will ensure you leave the field day with a different way of thinking about scheduling your irrigation to start-up on time, maximise yield and optimise your water use.

Smarter Irrigation for Profit 2: Whats my yield gap? Maximising water productivity project is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment as part of its Rural R&D for Profit program and Dairy Australia. It is supported locally by the Subtropical Dairy Programme Ltd,Far North Coast Dairy Industry Group Inc. and Norco Cooperative Ltd

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