GippsDairy Milking and Mastitis Management Program

DATE Monday 20th December 2021
TIME 9:00AM - 10:00AM
Ticket TypePrice
Coach$0.00 AUD per person
Student$0.00 AUD per person

This program can assist those new to milking or work as a refresher for those who have milked before by working through an online program with an on-farm coach.

Milking and Mastitis Management takes participants through five modules to learn the fundamentals of effective, low-stress milking. Topics covered include:

  • Bringing the cows into the dairy;
  • Putting cups on;
  • Taking cups off;
  • Post-milking teat disinfection; and,
  • Detecting clinical mastitis.

For each module, participants will complete training through Dairy Australia's online learning platform, Enlight, followed by a series of on-farm tasks with an on-farm coach from the business.

If you are registering for multiple students, please submit this form separately for each student.

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