Dairy Farm Profitability & Economic Research

Dairy Australia invests in research and analysis on dairy farm economics, profitability, industry trends and sustainability. It collaborates with other organisations and the private sector, including Agriculture Victoria (Victorian Government) and the Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC).

2021 Farm Productivity report

In 2021, a research project to improve the understanding of dairy farm productivity and its relationship to profitability was undertaken by Dairy Australia.

Gavin Dwyer of Marsden Jacobs Associates was commissioned to explore recent and long-term trends in the dairy industry to better understand research and development opportunities and find ways to improve farm performance across Australia.

Drawing on detailed Dairy Farm Monitor Project data, as well as data from Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) the project investigates farm performance in finer detail, aiming to better understand industry drivers of farm productivity.

The full report, as well as a condensed summary, is available for download below.

  • Dairy Productivity ReportPDF2.54 MB
  • Dairy Productivity Report summaryPDF1.5 MB

2021 Farm Productivity forum

Over three weeks in May 2021, the initial findings of the project were presented to hundreds of dairy farmers across Australia in an online Dairy Productivity Forum. Gavan Dwyer was on hand to expand on the concepts involved in productivity analysis, showcase data and elaborate of the long-term trends.

You can view videos of these forums below:

Session one

Session two

Session three

Key reports and projects on farm profitability

Measurement of profitability on Australian dairy farms – historical trends and future targets

This report was prepared as an appendix to the draft Australian Dairy Plan in response to the recognition by people engaged in the consultation process of profitability as key to the success of individual farmers and the industry as a whole. field]
  • Measurement of profitability on Australian dairy farmsPDF1.52 MB

Sustainable farm profitability report

Read the report prepared with the Australia Dairy Industry Council on on-farm profitability.

Dairy Directions

The Dairy Directions research project analysed the impact of changes in the operating environment on the profitability of Victorian dairy farm systems. It also investigated how farmers can deal with these changes. The research was an initiative of the Victorian Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, Dairy Australia, Murray Dairy, GippsDairy and WestVic Dairy. Read more

Dairy milk supply trends and profitability

What are the impacts of changes to farm milk supply patterns across Victoria and its impact on farm profit?

  • Victorian dairy industry milk supply trends profit 2013PDF3.91 MB

Farm economics and profitability research reports and papers

Further farm economics and profitability research reports and papers are available via the Resources Hub.

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