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Fertility learning programs

The InCalf program runs a number of courses, workshops and discussion groups to assist farmers with improving the fertility of their herd. These are all run through your RDP.

In Calf Fertility Workshops 

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Courses, workshops and discussion groups

Learning options for you and your farm team are:

Heat Detective discussion module

Improve heat detection skills in your farm team, come along to a regular Heat Detective discussion group in your region. Contact your RDP to register.

Heifers on Target

Interested in learning more about getting your heifers on target? At discussion groups, meet and learn how other farmers monitor and achieve optimal heifer growth rates. Contact your RDP to register.

Well grown heifers are more likely to realise their full potential for milk production and recover their rearing costs earlier. Industry data shows that many farms would benefit from better heifer rearing practices.

Low Stress Calving discussion module

An on-farm day held at a host farm, explore the logistics involved in implementing an effective transition cow program. Contact your RDP to register.

Transition Cow Management workshop

This day covers the best practices of lead feeding. Participants understand the massive benefits lead feeding provides via improved cow survival, reproductive performance and cow production. For example, a transition feeding program costs between $20 - $60 per cow but returns up to $200 per cow.

During the day, participants will learn why lead feeding works and what needs to be considered when improving their lead feeding regime. Contact your RDP to register.

InCharge dairy reproduction course

This is a course for dairy owners, share-farmers, managers and service providers that runs over a 5 week period with participants meeting 1 day per week. It involves 2 days of on-farm discussion group learning and 3 days of classroom theory learning to produce a reproductive management plan for your herd. Contact your RDP to register.

What you'll learn on the program:

Day 1- On farm
This day demonstrates the impact reproductive performance has on the operation of a farm. Participants look how reproduction performance can be used to exploit the natural characteristics of a farm, and consider how manipulation of reproductive performance can assist in achieving farmers goals.

Day 2- Classroom
Participants look at how submission rates, heat detection, conception rates and calving pattern affect herd reproductive performance.

Day 3- Classroom
Synchrony programs, bull fertility, replacement heifers and cow health are topics addressed on this day.

Day 4- Classroom
This day is devoted to transition cow management.

Day 5- On farm
On this day, participants put the knowledge that they have learnt through the course into practice. They analyse the farm's past reproductive performance, and look for opportunities for improvement. Genetics and body condition scoring are also covered on this day

Contact your local RDP to find out more about courses and to register.


Dairy Feed tools

Dairy Feed Tools is a complete feed management toolset for dairy farmers and managers. Feed planning, cost and resource management backed by Australian feed and pasture data to most accurately reflect the needs of your herd

Hay and grain reports

The hay and grain report is commissioned by Dairy Australia to provide an independent and timely assessment of hay and grain markets in each dairying region. The report is updated 40 weeks per year.

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