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Read about Milking Edge, a training and extension project for automatic milking in Australia.

Milking Edge Project

The Australian dairy industry is committed to supporting investment and successful operation of Automatic Milking Systems (AMS). ‘Milking Edge’ is a three-year joint initiative of the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Dairy Australia and DeLaval, to ‘Support industry to invest and operate AMS successfully’.

Overview of the project

Milking Edge is built on a decade of successful research and development led by FutureDairy, as well as the experience of almost 50 commercial farms around Australia who have decided to invest in the technology. The project will develop a training and extension program for automatic milking that will:

  • Support industry to consider, invest (decision making) and operate (implement and transition to) automatic milking successfully; and
  • Minimise risk and maximise likelihood of successful transition to automatic milking

Watch the following promo video about Milking Edge.

Project team

The project team is led by Dr Nicolas Lyons, Development Officer for Dairy with NSW DPI. Dr Nicolas Lyons has an extensive knowledge around farming systems, technology and automation. Upon finishing his PhD with FutureDairy at The University of Sydney, he has spent the last years actively engaging and communicating with farmers, service providers and industry around technology adoption and optimisation of AMS.

Dr Lyons will be working together with Ms Jessica Maloney, Project Officer Dairy – Robotic Milking at NSW DPI. She holds a Bachelor of Agriculture from Charles Sturt University and has more than 10 years in the dairy industry with a strong understanding of the industry, its stakeholders, issues and opportunities.

Additionally, Mr Juan Gargiulo, a postgraduate student based at University of Sydney who is supported by NSW DPI and the Dairy Research Foundation, will also be collaborating and involved with the project. He holds a B. Ag. Science and a postgraduate degree in dairy science from Universities in Argentina, and is passionate about the dairy industry, with a strong understanding of dairy systems, milk quality and farm performance.

General project outcomes

The project team in collaboration with key stakeholders will generate:

  • Tools, resources and networks detailing the challenges and opportunities of automatic milking and supporting farmers assess the suitability of AMS;
  • A tool that will support farmers to consider and optimise AMS: Management (farm management options), Performance (physical) and Economic (financial);
  • Better industry knowledge on AMS: Training for farmers, farm staff and service providers wishing to expand their knowledge and understanding about AMS and its different components;
  • Strong industry engagement: Support for activities such as discussion groups, field days & conferences;
  • Dedicated communication presence: Social media, webpages, e-newsletters and media articles;
  • A modern online community of practice to collaborate and communicate on all things related to automatic milking.

Get involved

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Nicolas Lyons, Project Leader, NSW DPI

Tel: 0401 650 073

Jess Maloney, Project Officer, NSW DPI

Tel: 0417 576 550

Peter Johnson, Group Manager - Farm Profit and Capability, Dairy Australia

Tel: 0457 856 579


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