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Data comparing farm profitability and productivity in South Australia.

SA Dairy Farm Monitor Project

The Dairy Farm Monitor Project (DFMP) provides profitability and productivity data for a range of farms across South Australia. It allows farmers to compare their performance against other farms, and identify areas for improvement.

Dairy Farm Monitor Project 2015-16


This is the fourth year of the Dairy Farm Monitor Project in South Australia. In 2015-16, the lower average milk price received and challenging seasonal conditions resulted in an average whole farm earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) of $164,253, a 25% decrease on 2014-15 ($217,956). Return on assets was 3.1% compared to last year's 3.9%. Production levels were slightly higher than last year with the average milk solids at 586 kg MS/cow and 751 kg MS/ha.

Dairy Farm Monitor Project 2014-15

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Major Initiatives

Focus Farms

Dairy Australia has established a network of Focus Farms to support farmer decision making.


DairyBase is a web-based tool that enables dairy farmers to measure and compare their farm business performance over time.

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